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Bitterroot Resort, MT

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Someone on TGR posted the website URL... have at it:

Looks like the perfect location for Gonzo to open a high-end mountain biking store.
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This is a tragedy. One ski area outside Missoula has had to close in the past couple years. A couple others are barely hanging on yet they want to build this resort. Why??? To encourage real estate development. The Bitterroot Valley is being overran by rustic white-trash sprawl and this will only accelerate the decay.
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and for the counterpoint:


and more especially:

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BTW, James, as much as I appreciate you thinking of my economic livelihood, I'd prefer that this particular "resort" find a home much further from Missoula than 8 miles south. My reasons are similar to those on the "Public Opinion" section of the Friends of Lolo Peak website.
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