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IF we go there and that's a BIG IF, she'll do a lesson there in the a.m. The instructor here wanted to take her to the steeper hill (cliff), but she was out of gas due to being a tad sick. She got a note from him today wishing her all the best in PC and that she needs to realize she's better than she thinks she is. Pretty nice if you ask me. I think she's at that level where a day at PC might give her the confidence to at least run Big Emma from mid-mountain. She's more about learning and technique than going to the top. That said, I'd really prefer to drop her and the other advanced green skier at Alta. I talked to her tonight, showed her one of my old Alta maps, and she's agreeable to going to Alta. I'd get the dual ticket and hook up with her at lunch.

Just a side note - you all have no idea how fired up I am to get out there. It's been waaaay to long for me. Our little ski area just wet my whistle for it, but it was a good tune up since its been a while.
We've also got a 23 month old son I'm hoping to leave behind for the last time. I'm hoping we can get him interested in skiing next Dec/Jan and take him with us next year to Utah. We know people who have had their kids up skiing at 2 3/4 plus. I can see it now. He'll be skiing tougher terrain than my wife by the time he's four. LOL
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It's fun to watch Kids growing and skiing. It's something they can do with the family thier whole life. I don't have Kids but my Nieces and nephews all ski. I can remember them at 2 and 1/2 and ,3 thier first time skiing. Merideth was on the Park City Ski team, now on a Collage team Mick is now doing a few extreme competions and Mat is just beautiful to watch in the bumps or just about any really nasty conditions. When they come back home for holidays they still like to ski with the family. I know I hold them back but it sure is great to be with them. The other day on the mountain i skied with three generations of skier The motor was 71, Her daughter mid 40's and a Young teen son. Now thats something for yopu to look forward to. Have a great time here in Utah It's good your not pushing your wife I see that all the time., guys pushing thier wives gf's into doing runs,they can't or don't want to do. takes the fun out of it for everyone. By the way keep your fingers crossed looks like a front is moving in Sunday afternoon and Monday. To H*ll with the Superbowl I'm skiing Scotts Bowl
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I've been watching the weather too. It will be awesome to come out and have fresh snow to ski on. Champagne powder baby!
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We don't have the class of Steamboat our Powder is more 3.2 beer then Champage.
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3.2 or not, the latest is calling for 3-8 inches over several days. More than enough to perk up conditions!
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We took our son to Utah at 3&1/2-years old. He was riding a lift and skiing the beginner slope after 1 day. By the end of the week he could ski easy blues. Be careful though, they tire out easily and suddenly at that age.

Also, we were planning on going to PCMR as our base of operations for the week, but a gentleman I was talking to about renting one of his houses near there warned me that they did not have a good ski school for little kids. We ended up staying at Wolf Mtn. (now The Canyons) halfway through the week a little girl was added to the program. She had been at PCMR and was way behind the kids in the Wolf program. This was 8 years ago and things may have changed. Do some research before you book.
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The best local kids program by far is Deer Valley. Just be warned that they do limit the kids in the class. If you deside to try Deer Valley Kids program. Book the lesson early. You might want to send a Pm to Mr Crab He has kids and I think he has had them in all the local kids ski scools.
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Snowbasin is a great mountain but have any of you ever skied it in the fog that often invades the top half of the mountain-it can be hell. Make sure you go on a sunny day.
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all mountains are subject to fog. The famed lake effect snow of the Cottenwood canyons often puts a heavy blanket of fog on those resorts. at 8000 feet and up your skiing in the clouds. Yesterday Most of the upper part of The Canyons was fogged in.
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Originally Posted by Robscapes
Snowbasin is a great mountain but have any of you ever skied it in the fog that often invades the top half of the mountain-it can be hell. Make sure you go on a sunny day.
This does seem to be true more at Basin than other areas, just part of the weather phenomena I guess. Of course, it also has to do with the terrain of areas like strawberry, wide open, few trees. I've been so lost and disoriented in strawberry that I almost got sick, couldn't tell up from down, moving from stopped. I can't imagine what someone who is not familiar with the terrain must be feeling in those whiteouts.
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one of my scariest skiing days was at snowbasin. zero visibility near the top of strawberry. literally. i just stood in one spot for 15 min waiting for somebody to go past me so i can follow them.

having said that - great mountain. would like to return someday.
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Allow me to add that Solitude is not the place for beginners either. The beginning slope is quite nice, but they've got nothing between that and their advanced greens. My wife's instructor noted that Solitude understands the problem and is trying to come up with a solution. There is some wonderful green terrain, but it all finishes steeper than many timid beginners care to handle. Her instructor had his class take their skis off a couple places. Not good.

PC's runs are OK, but I thought Success at DV was the best moderate beginner run I saw. It was pretty manageable for her.
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