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has anyone tried the new Volants?

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As a Volant fan who likes that stable, predictable feel I was wondering about the new Volants which are being descibed as very different in the mags. In fact they sound a bit out of my league now and am wondering if I should scoop up some of last year's skis instead of looking at the new Volants. I know demoing is the best but despite tons of effort it is damn difficult to demo Volants. I'm a steady easy turner who rarely stomps on a ski on purpose and I don't need a ski that will accelerate out from under my butt if I'm not right on it. Thanks, skidoc :
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The prototypes I tried (with the sidewall skirt) were very nice. Imagine a "cross" between the Volant feel and the Atomic feel. I liked it a lot.

Felt more grippy under foot, with more "snap", but the tip and tail still are creamy smooth.

That being said, a number of the new models are still the "regular" steel sidewall skis.
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Snokarver, thanks for the input. "Snap" is usually not associated with good things when it comes to my level of skiing although I'm just at that level where I'm intentionally extracting some kick out of my turns. skidoc
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I've skied Volants for years, starting with the FX-3, and most recently the Machette G (183cm) and Supercarve (178cm). Last spring I demoed the new Vertex 68 (165cm) and the Gravity G66 (175cm). Both of these were the new skirt design. Both were very nice with the usual Volant smoothness and ability to cruise through the spring crud and mush. The Vertex is supposed to be the women specific ski, but I felt that it was a good ski for any lighter weight skier (I am 165lb). It felt quick and light in short turns, but I was also able to ride it comfortably in big turns at pretty good speed. I think the G66 fits into the new product line about like the Super in the old line. Despite its narrower waist, it did not feel as quick as the Vertex, and it was not as quick turning as I expected it to be considering its 175cm length. I thought that it had a good GS feel to it. I might like it better in a 170. On hard snow both designs held better than my own skis, which admittedly were dull. Both skis did seem more lively than the previous models, but it did not really affect the way I skied them.

My verdict is that if you liked the old Volants, you'll like the new ones even better.

Think snow
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Thanks Jim, I think I'll wait it out and try them if I get the chance. Your feedback was helpful and if I get to demo them this Dec. it should be interesting. skidoc
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If you can, please demo both the Genesis Gold and Gravity 71 and let us know your impressions.

The Genesis is suppose to be an "all mountain" ski and the 71 is a midfat "freeride" ski.

If you are at least an "advanced" skier, you should be able to handle both models.

I and perhaps others would be most interested in your impressions.

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