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Women's skis...a lil advice please.....

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I'm going to get my wife a new pair of skis this season. She's currently on a 5 year old pair of K2 Four's in about a size 167.
She is only 5-1 and 120 lbs and based on what I read everywhere, we probably bought a lil' big but she's done fine on them and has never complained or even commented that they may be too much for her.

She is very confident and fast ("Advanced") on all the nice groomed stuff and likes to stay there when possible. Her skills and confidence drop considerably in crud and moguls. We're NOT necessarily looking for skis that will make her better off the groomed stuff...we want a ski that will fit her style and fondness for the fast groomers.

So far, our DEMO list is the K2 Spire, Rossignol women's Bandit and the Volkl Carver Motion 20/20 and V3 20/20. I'm guessing that she'll probably downsize again to no longer than a 160. Anybody have any comments, advice, opinions....?

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I'd also check out the Rossi Saphir.

My girls are on the Volkls from a couple of years ago and like them fine. They also liked the Rossi's but the Volkls were cheaper.

If she's looking for a front-side ski, I'd look at ones with narrow waists, kind of a slalom shape.

At her size, I'd demo the shortest sizes. It'll take a little getting used to, but I think it's the way to go.

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The Volkl ski I think you're referring to is the 20/20 (i.e. 20% lighter and 20% softer). I've heard it's good, but I haven't really been in the market for anything other than powder skis for a while. I wouldn't rule out the longer skis (by this I mean the length she's using now) unless she demos shorter ones and discovers that she prefers them.
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If you want a little more all mountain, try the Volkl Vertigo Motion 20/20 (the women's version). I wouldn't be afraid to try it real short either, like 149 or 156cm. Ultimately, length may be more important than the exact right model.
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If your wife is currently doing well on 167s and enjoys going fast on groomed runs then ski length as opposed to brand may be more important. Just because she is moving to a "shaped" ski is not reason alone to downsize. You may want to consider demoing a fewer number of brands but her favourite choice(s) in different lengths.

Some say "shaped" skis should be forehead height. I don't agree. We are all individuals and, therefore, have individual preferences often dictated by what we are used to. Also, there is no such thing as one shape (ie mid fat v. carvers) and therefore a general rule has little meaning.

I am 5' 8" and currently ski on Volkl G30s at 184, the length well above my forehead. I demoed the 184s and the next size down, I believe 177s, and without question preferred the 184s. I actually found a greater difference in the length of the same ski than I did in similar shaped same length skis of different brands. I found the shorter skis to be less stable and over all less enjoyable. I'm sure someone else would have preferred the opposite.

I think you are on the right traxk witht he brands you have chosen but you may want to postpone the purchase until she has a chance to try different lengths.

Good luck.
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I am the same size as your wife, short and little. I ski on a pair of 160's, Atomic Beta 8.20's. I like them for most things, not too exceptional in powder, and can get pushed around a little in really bad crud. But I like them just fine, and I can ski everything on them, some things they just aren't the best for though. I'm looking for some new skis too, but my Atomics work great, I just want what I can't have (aka new expensive skis)
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