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salt lake feb 19th

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Will be in Salt Lake and skiing on Feb19th. Any Suggestions? My wife and I are both mid to advanced intermediate skiiers. My wife better than me. Mostly groomed. Best price lifts and terrain and snow?
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Well for the best groomed runs in the industry, Deer Valley, yes pricey, but it's worth it.
21 lifts, and over 50% of the mtn groomed nightly.
For less pricer skiingand good grooming, Solitude. Snow is better here, since it's higher up. But if it's snowing the road can be a challenge. So ride the UTAH ski bus, or rent a car.
Deer Valley in Park City, is served by a very good free bus system, city wide. If your flying in, arrive by noon, ski free on the quick start pass. This is good only at the 3 PC area resorts.
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Feb 19 is 1st day of winter vacation for many schools; everyplace in PC likely to be crowded as us easterners invade. Tahoetr can probably advise whether DV or Canyons will be less so (altho I am starting to wonder if he is on DV payroll), avoid Park City. Solitude may be your best choice.
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If you have a car, Snowbasin and Canyons, in that order. If weather is nice, go to Snowbird. Deer valley is too lame.
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As a matter of fact,i used to be on DV payroll for 15 years, Lift Operations Foreman, I have met a few from here a couple of years ago.
Yes it will be busy. I advise, buy your ticket a day early if possible for DV contact the resort 1435-649-1000. Or get there very early the day you plan to ski, ticket office opens i belive at 8am.
They limit tickets to 6,000 a day
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What time do you arrive on the 19th? If early get a quick start voucher for any of the 3 park city area resorts. You can ski free on the day that you arrive. I would say go to Deer Valley for that 1st day.
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salt lake

Utah49, We will be sleeping in Salt Lake on the 18th and can arrive at the resorts early on the 19th. We are driving from Ca to steamboat and back to salt lake. Have 4WD. Do the free lift ticks still apply?

Thanks for all the suggestions, now the choice. Have never skied there before but my wife lived in SL many years ago and knew the mnts then.
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Oh your driving
Sorry the free passes are only good if you flew with Delta to SLC, and was able to be at the 3 PC area resorts by noon the day you landed.
By all means i would still take your wife to Deer Valley, she'll love ya for it. Women love the place.
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Sounds like a nice trip. As TR said free pass is only good if you fly. The drive from here to Steamboat isn't all that long. about 6 hours as I recall on hwy 40. I would say either Deer Valley or Snowbasin are your best bets for skiing. Are you driving from southren Cal? or from the Bay area? I have done the drive from San Diego to Park city many times. I could leave SD after work around 4 or 5 and hit Las Vagas or Masquite and get a cheap but nice room for the night. get up early and be in Park City by about noon or 1pm. If your driving I15 get off at Provo and take provo canyon road up to Heber you can find inexpenisive rooms there and avoid SLC traffic. Another thing to think about is staying in Park City area. It is only 30 mins more up I80 from Salt Lake City. There are a few Hotels right off the Kimbell junction exsit to Park City. Hamton Inns a Holiday Inn Express and a Best Western. Come into Park City for dinner on Main St and you can buy a lift ticket for the next day at DV at the Deer Valley store on Main st. Even if you go to Snowbasin you would be better off staying around Park City to avoid SLC morning traffic. From PC to Snowbasin take I80 east to I84 junction and go west on I84 toward Ogden. Keep going east past the Morgon Ut exsit and you will see signs for Snowbasin. The drive in that Canyon is really nice scenic drive. Keep an eye out for big Horn mountain Sheep. I have seen a few in the Ogden Canyon as well as Elk.
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Wait a sec. After a 6 hr drive from Steamboat you'd suggest another hr drive to Snowbasin or deal with the holiday crowds at DV, vs. just bop up BCC to Solitude?
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That quick 'bop' up BCC is only about 15 min. faster than the drive to SBasin.

As far as DV vs. Basin, DV limits ticket sales to 6000, the busiest day snowbasin has ever seen came in under 4000 people and we have easily 1000 more skiable acres.
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drb, they are driving to steamboat not driving from steamboat and yes from what they said i think Deer Valley and or Snowbasin would be a better choice.
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Originally Posted by mkevenson
We are driving from Ca to steamboat and back to salt lake.
No matter,you certainly have me convinced - we'll skip the early holiday week crowd in PC and head on up to Snowbasin (maybe also down to Sundance if they get more snow). By about Wed. people start heading for the outlet mall instead of the mts. and things are no longer so crowded.
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all that driving

tahoe49 and drb,
Driving form Santa Rosa,north of San Fransisco,to Sparks, Nev. on friday. Sparks to Sl on Sat. SL to Craig Co. on Sunday Craig to Steamboat for am skiing on Mon the14th. Ski 3/4 days and then back to Craig on thurs after skiing and to SL Fri and ski somewhere on Sat then to Sparks on Sunday and home on Mon early. I had read that Snow Basin is very exposed with heat in the day and ice in the morning. How is Solitude? The trail maps look good! Deer Valley looks expensive. But what diff after this trip. Money goota be spent sonny!!!!

Thanks, Mark
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