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OK thanks for the tips guys but we dont all have to jump on the bandwagon. Obviously without skins I'm not going to get too far in my journey and yes I am an experienced hiker and have and know how to use my shovel/probe, etc. Clearly as I said I am from the East coast I am unfamiliar with the particulars of Snowbird and the Pines and yes we will clearly be going out with people experienced with the area.

all i wanted was opinions on equipment and should have given more background info to ease peoples concerns.

I want a small system with a removable bladder + a large pack so I will use the small system when I'm skiing in bounds which will be most of the time back east. While the cost aspect of the water bottle is appealing, I don't always ski with a pack and don't carry bottles in my jacket. I also do a lot of cyclocross and I was thinking of using my winter camelback for that as well although water bottles aren't quite as difficult to deal with on a bike.

FWIW I've skied all my life, raced, capt of college team, marathoner, picked up snowboarding and yeah i am really excited to get more involved in backcountry. spent two days camping at the summit of Galena last week in the snow, no skis though and was thinking "man i really need to start bringing my skis on trips like this" and thus that's why i'm reading books, surfing internet, etc. Most likely my equipment will limit me to "in bounds" backcountry next week in at Snowbird because hiking in my ski boots just ain't that sweet. Thanks to Bob Peters for giving me some valuable suggestions which I will investigate in greater detail. Of course, patrol told me that

Anyway I think there is one thing we can all hope for is that big storm to materialize because i was upset to be in the rain last saturday coming up 80 into park city.

Hey if anybody has more tips on "in bounds" BC stuff at Alta, I'm all ears. Maybe some of you guys will see me out west next week....I'll be the guy surfing on my board down the avalanche kidding of course
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Originally Posted by Billd
oh yeah also my buddy's story is from hiking up towards twin off the road to provo. he was in bounds, and i'm guessing that the patrol was 1) over eager or 2) super risky conditions that particular day
Actually If I remember correctly there are several places in Alta and Snowbird that there are signs asking you to put on your skis to traverse certain areas in your hike process.

I think it has to do with specific types of traverses and entries where it's safer to have your skis on for edge control, and slipage rather than Avalanche danger. When I was skiing at Alta on the black diamond challenge there were several places where we knew we had a long way to go and we were asked to put on our skis to proceed. The locations were as we rounded turns in devils castle as well as a few spots on high traverse.

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Regarding your original question regarding snowshoes and ski boots...this past weekend we did some bc hiking/skiing(not so much skiing) in the woods in N. Vermont. Hiked with snowshoes while wearing my ski boots. The Atlas snowshoes I have can accomodate ski boots. I understand an AT setup is ideal but for hiking/skiing the tight woods of the Northeast, snowshoes might be an option.
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Hi Chris,

How was the snow cover in N. Vermont? I've heard disappointing things from my pals up at Mansfield. Also I was talking to a guy yesterday about Tuckerman's/Washington and he said that you coudln't ski down. Wow. And S. New England is expecting another big storm this week, yet none for the mountains.
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Snow cover was pretty sketchy. Although there was some snow in the bc woods, it was like mashed potatoes (due to 50 degree temps) on top of crust and not really worth skiing on. Decided to hit up Jay on Sunday hoping the sun and warm temps would soften things up. Some spots it did, some it didn't. They need snow bad...at least 12-18 to get it back towards midseason form. Very depressing up there right now.
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Backpacks and more...

Check out http://www.altrec.com/outdoors/backpacks/, they have a decent selection of bags, and more at great prices, and the shipping is super cheap.
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Originally Posted by Billd
Thanks for the info guys.

Unfortunately I live in the East and we don't have as much backcountry here, I'll be doing mostly lift serviced hiking and really don't/can't splurge for the skins and AT bindings.

I'll probably pick up a pack and hydration and hike with my boots for the time being.
Your crazy there is tons of backcountry skiing to be had in the east. High peaks region in the Adirondack park is excellent. Dix mountain and Mount Colden have some great slides to rip. I use my pocket rockets with s912 bindings G3 skins and a set of alpine trekkers.A bit heavier than an AT setup but who cares; just gets you in better shape Decent set of crampons and ice axes wouldnt hurt ya either on certain parts of certain mountains(algonquin). Gregory packs are awesome, Highly Recomended. Hydration bladders and tubes have been a pain in my ace. I pack gatorade and water in squeeze bottles. Also use my atomic T11 alpine boots. Have custom footbeds and a perfect fit. Comfy all day long.
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