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California do-anything ski recommendation?

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Hi everyone,

I recently moved to California from the east coast, and I need of a pair of skis. I've been skiing for about 5 years and mostly spend time on groomed blacks, but am starting to hit some harder stuff as well. I'm admittedly mediocre at moguls, cautious around glades, and I don't huck cliffs.... yet. But I really want to get better at all of these things...

So I want a ski that can do a lot, but at the same time is not so demanding that it holds me back from getting better... [is this possible???] This is what I've demo'd so far (with some thoughts):

Rossignol B2: Very easy to maneuver. I felt like I had very good control of these skis, especially on some junk beaneath the lift line. But they also felt a little bit dead.

Volkl 724 PRO: Very stiff; didn't like that so much. They were also pretty heavy, though I felt more adjusted to them by the end of the day. Was able to tackle some pretty hard stuff with these.

Dynastar 8000: Felt big & cumbersome. Didn't like these at all.

Salomon Scream "Hot": Somewhere in between the B2's and the PRO's... unfortunately, I demo'd these a bit on the short side (165).

I'm very interested in the Volkl 724 EXP's, as I started to like the PRO's by the end of the day, and the EXP's are probably a little more forgiving...?

Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts/advice/whatever (thoughts on the EXP's? other skis I should try?) that would be awesome. I'm also trying to figure out the right ski length (I'm 5'11" / 170lbs). Thanks! --Peter
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I take it you're skiing Tahoe. Unfortunately, if you don't like an easier skiing ski, such as the B2, and a more aggressive ski, like a 724 PRO doesn't fly, I'm at a bit of a loss. The 724 EXP is going to be a slightly narrower and slightly less demanding version of the 724 PRO. You might like those. Also, give the Dynastar 8000 a shot. I was originally thinking something with an 80-mm-ish waist would be a nice compromise. Also, don't get too picky and buy something that is a little better than you are today. If you are skiing Squaw and the like, you'll improve dramatically and likely need more ski.
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I'm pretty much the same weight as you are but shorter (big bone ) and also in the market for new skis. I'm interested in what you pick.

What size did you try on the B2 and the 724 Pro. How demanded you think they Pro were? Did you try them on hardpack or ice?

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Originally Posted by Bandit Man
If you are skiing Squaw and the like, you'll improve dramatically and likely need more ski.

But when you do got more solid and if they still make it, as Bandit Man and others flawlessly recommended to me, the ski to get is the ....

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Other skis I would recommend trying are the K2 Apache Recon and the Salomon X-Hot. The X-Hot is much more fun that the Hot in my opinion. Its not quite as good on the groomers but much better in crud, powder and moguls. The Recon is the successor to the K2 Axis XP. Its similar to the B2 in dampness so you might not like it.
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The xp/recon is damp but it has a more solid feel to it then the B2. IMHO It has a much better feel for the snow then the B2. The one thing about the Xp/recon it that it likes long to medium turns. Short turns make that ski about as cranky as a 2 year old needing a nap. Look into the Elan 666 it has gotten some really good reviews by members here. I am suprised that you felt the Dynastar felt big and cumbersome? What size did you demo? I have demoed the 8000 in a 172 and it was light nimble and lively.
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The Recon is certainly a ski to be considered.... But also consider the Crossfire! Given the spring conditions where the snow is quite firm in the mornings, the slightly narrower (68mm vs 78mm) waist can be a benefit. It will still serve you well in the slightly more dense snow of the west, even when its deep (lucky you!).
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Thanks for all of the info! I didn't mean to make it sound like I didn't like any of the demo skis.. The engineer in me can be very picky sometimes

dupersc- I tried both the B2 and the 724 Pro's at 170, but will probably bump up a notch to 176-ish when I buy. I thought the Pro's felt very stiff, but from what I've heard, the B2's and the Pro's are really at opposite ends of the spectrum.. I tried the B2's a couple weekends ago at Northstar; the snow was mostly packed, but with a couple inches loose on top. Deeper in some areas. I tried the Pro's the next day at Donner when it was really warm; the snow was deep & sticky.

Utah49- I also tried the 8000's at 172.. But I learned to ski in New Hampshire, and used to think that 68mm underfoot was big (e.g. Dynastar Ski Cross 9's). So to me, the 8000's just felt huge. I don't think I'm ready for such a leap..
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