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Slalom ski length

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Im looking for a pair of new short slalom skis to replace a pair of older rossis (191cm).

I weigh 180 and am 6' 2"

I ski often but am fairly new to racing in the last 2 years. Since I am on a budget, these might double as GS skis depending on how they feel. Currently I race GS on X screams! Obviously not ideal.
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All new skis are great, but there's personal taste and price, of course. I do not race (too much standing in the cold and to be honest, lack of talent), but candidates i (172, 75kg) like:
Volkl P50 (F1). The Energy Rails system is fantastic, loads the ski increadibly in a turn. Stable at speed, precise, fast edge to edge. Ski of the year (IMHO). Pricy, reputation as women's ski (so what).
Stockli Laser (SC/SL/GS). Totally different character. If you like wood skies, but darn cannot get them any more, this is for you. Wood core, hand made in Switzerland, ultra cool. Never ever overpowers (beeing thrown to the inside ski), precise and demanding (sweet spot has the size of a pin).

And there's the new Head SL, the good old Atomics, etc. etc. Tough decision, good luck!
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I'd love to demo but may not be able to. What size, in general should I look for?

170cm? or even shorter? I think some of the super super sidecut SL race skis like the Atomic 9.12 and the new dynastar are ment to be skied even shorter.<160!
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Unless you plan on racing I would not see a reason to go below 170. I ski on a 173 Atomic 9.16 and it is plenty short and quick, yet offer decent stability at speed and the wide tip helps it float in powder.
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