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NY Skiing???

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Hola friends! Have a hankering to try some new places, specifically in New York State; only skied Greek Peak my FIRST day ever on skis nearly 30 years ago (Cornell Hotelie 1976).

Have made the west my choice since then, but went back to Vermont 2 yrs. ago and loved it (again), especially Stowe, Stratton, Pico, Okemo. Did not care for Killington nor Sugarbush.

Based on those mountains, and our preference for Steep but GROOMED Blues/Blacks, what say you learned folk about: Hunter OR Wyndham for 1 day (midweek...), Whiteface I believe is a given for 3 days, and is Gore worth 1 day? May add Tremblant for 4 days as well??

We will land in JFK and drive from there, thus the possibility of Hunter or Wyndham for first and last day to cut down on driving time.

Lodging in these places?

Always appreciative of your advice, I thank you kindly.
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I just poste "NY Skiing" in Ski Gear forum by mistake.

Could one of you kind Administrators or Moderators move it to both the Resorts and General Forums?

Thank you!
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Ski The Mighty Hunter over Wyndham any day!

Welcome back to the NE [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Definitely check out Gore Mountain for a day or two (midweek). I'd rather ski there than Hunter.
There's a couple double blacks at the top of Gore that you can test your edges on.
Plus, the other black runs are a hoot as well. Check the websites for Whiteface and Gore before you go, to see what current conditions are like.
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General comments-level of grooming in NY not quite on par with places like Stratton or Okemo. Gore and Hunter best left for weekdays only. Whiteface can be very windy. I'd subtract a day from there to go to Gore. Never been to Plattekill in Catskills near Hunter, but heard it's a challenging little mtn and not too crowded on weekends compared to others in area.
Here's a good restaurant in Saratoga Springs (town between Gore and Hunter on Interstate 87.

Here's brief earlier thread on NY skiing from epicski board:

Although it sounds like you may have ties to NY, did you consider NH? It is a little less touristy than VT, but a little more skier friendly than NY. I love the funky, long groomers at Wildcat. Waterville Valley, Cannon and Loon have lots of intermediate-advanced groomers too. All those have some tougher terrain too. Cannon and Wildcat usually not too crowded.
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jamesj, you've gotta go to Plattekill! It's the anti-Hunter and well worth the extra 20 minutes, especially on weekends - no lift lines. And often no grooming too
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How are the lines at Plattekill on weekends? I am moving to the area and Plattekill looks like a great place to go up the night before, ski all day, and then drive home.

Also, is there anything by the way of tree skiing to be had at Plattekill?

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When I skied at Plattekill there were more people in the trees than on the trails. I've only been on weekdays, not weekend, and there was NO line.
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awesome - sounds like my kind of place...
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Plattekill is only open Fri, Sat and Sun and any day after a 12 inch dump. Lots of woods and decent on-trail skiing.
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Anyone been to the Belleayre Hostel in Pine Hill? That looks like a place to skay cheap and get some weekend skiing in away from the crowds.
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Midweek @ hunter there are no lines & there's always snow
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Hiya all! Sorry for my ill-manners re late reply, but thought I'd never get an answer in my mistakenly located query.

droldman: Tks! Hunter is on my list, mid-week, 1 day.

Lora: Tks!

jamesj: Tks for great info. and then some! I must land in NYC, but my original trip was Bretton Woods, S. River and Sugarloaf. Of those NH mountains you mention, which has the longest and wisest runs, +/-? BTW, I lived in DC '82-'86 and absolutely loved it. How is it these days?

All the best to all.
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