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I am 15 years old and have been skiing since I was five. I don't know if you can get sponsored at this age. Does anyone know if you can and how?
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A 15-year-old certainly *can* be sponsored. Getting it accomplished is probably a bit more of a chore.

Companies typically are only going to sponsor you if they think doing so will bring them some kind of return. That's usually in the form of advertising or media exposure, and that usually would only come from you winning contests or participating in ski-media films or whatnot. Until your name is well-known, what is the payback that you would offer some company for providing you with gear or anything else? Ask yourself why a dollar spent on you would be a good investment for a gear and/or clothing company.

Where do you live and ski? What you might try to do is get in with the local young hotshot crowd and prove you can hang with the bro's. Enter contests and get some established results and then start contacting equipment/clothing companies (the internet is great for researching who to contact).

It'll be hard to get around the fact that until your name is made in the industry, you may not have a whole lot to offer to a prospective sponsor. Don't take this wrong, but there are an awful lot of hot young kids out there looking for someone to give them free skis. What do you offer a company that the rest of those youngsters don't?

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consistent top 3 finishes in age group events at a state level- be it racing or park events- suddenly the reps know your name and are chatting you up at the state wide events.

or get yourself promoted on videos that get some decent distribution/cult following-
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I have gone through with my own son so I feel comfortable in answering this question for you. The best way to catch on with a sponsor is by qualifying and entering some big competitions. Almost every ski resort at some time has some kind of skiing event, such as a Big Air comp, Half Pipe, Slopestyle, Bump Competition, etc. The bigger the resort, the more exposure you'll get. Alot of these events are sponsored by ski equipment reps who sometimes judge the events or have tents with displays for their goods.

Since you've got to start somewhere, check with your local resort and find out if and when they might have some comps. If you're good enough to make an empression and finish high up, then travel to some others, etc. The more exposure you get, the more wins or top three finishes you have under your belt will get you noticed. If you are real good, they will seek you out, they will know who you are. If this doesn't happen, you may have to start the ball rolling by making some phone calls or writing some letters. Then there's image. If they are going to put money and hard goods on the line to you, they will want you to hold up your end by showing an image to the rest of the ski world that you deserve what they give you and act appropriately, not being a jerk or worse. After all, you will be a spoksperson for them whether you know it or not.

There's alot to the game. My Son's college roomate is sponsored by Head, Smith, Scott and a few others. He got his first sponsor when he was 17. He is very good but as good as he is, he doesn't always qualify for the big Comps. His last chance was last weekend at the US Freeskiing Open in Vail. His first run in the Super Pipe Comp, he blew his ACL and MCL. Done for the year.

So, it can be done. Hope I helped you some. Good Luck
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Thanks for replying. You're right, I never really thought about all the other kids trying to get sponsored. Also, my home hill is Seven Springs, so there aren't many races or anything besides Nastar. I won first place in GS races at Hidden Valley the past two years, but thats not too well known because of where it is. As for the hotshot crowd, in my school the only hotshots are snowboarders, and there's only me and two other people that are serious about the sport. Thanks again for the info.
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Originally Posted by skibum82
I am 15 years old and have been skiing since I was five. I don't know if you can get sponsored at this age. Does anyone know if you can and how?
Good advise so far......

But, to impress the Reps, call it "spancered".
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Thanks, I haven't ever been to a major resort because I'm the only one in my family who skies. I didn't know you could write letters or call, I might have to do that. That stinks what happened to your sons roommate. That's one thing I hope I never do.
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Skibum82 - join WPRC if you aren't already in it. There are many more races (USSA) than you seem to know of in the area.
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What is the WPRC?
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Western PA Race Club. They also have a Freestyle team - both of which are USSA.
they have an excellent coaching staff, and you'll also get to travel to races ... as far as you want to go.

Oh, and if your the fastest kid in your age group I bet you won't have to worry about sponsorship as you'll likely be state champion as well.
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I'm guessing the W is for Western
The P is for Pennsylvania
The R must be Race
And the C is Club

You can, indeed, find it on the Internet:

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Thank you very much. I'll look into it.
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WPRC is a great program. The coaches are wonderful. I graduated 3 years ago and began instructing. THey have a freestyle team? Since when?
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Originally Posted by ratherbskiing
WPRC is a great program.... THey have a freestyle team? Since when?
New this year. It started with 3 kids and is now up to 8 ... and growing.
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Frankie is the Freestyle Coach.
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Ohh, ok. Frankie is not doing it though WPRC tho is he? I always see those guys on stowe.
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He was on the billboard on the turnpike last year, he's pictured on the website this year on the home page. He's a super skier and bumper.
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