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DIN Settings and Racers

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What are the skier requirements that that the industry uses to determine DIN settings. For example, a kid, high school racer is 5'7", type III, 140 lbs has a DIN of 6.5 fore and aft.

Now when he races, type III activity, he blows out of his ski often. So the coach (read parent) has the big screw driver in his pocket and cranks them puppies down so far that I couldn't break free (6 ft, 180 lbs, type III, and Cute)

An interested parent wants to know, what is the margin that he can ajust the DIN at 6.5 and still be with in the safety limits. (Don't know why he asked me, I patrol, my comment was it's not worth blowing a kids knee out at any setting.) But the parent did raise my curiosity.

So I thought I'd ask this august forum.
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Good question and moreso....why isn't this governed? F/I/S controls length of the ski, height of the binding, why not the safety of the kids bindings?
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I have a table somewhere with J-setting toe/heel for all disciplines. I would have to copy it in writing which I won´t but I´m sure it must be available not only for me.
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"Safety limits"? There isn't such a thing.

You are always unsafe to some degree. Unless you set your bindings absurdly low, there is always the danger that it won't release and you'll hurt your knee (or even break your bone, though that's a lot less likely nowadays). Unless you set your bindings absurdly high, there is always the danger that it will release when it shouldn't and you'll DNF (at least) or go flying and bash yourself up (at worst).

Where you want to set your binding is, in part, a question of weighing one danger against the other. Exactly where the line belongs depends not only on what you are doing on your skis but also on how you value (or, more accurately, I suppose, fear) those dangers.
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crank 'em until something breaks - then back off a click

I agree with sjjohnston - there's no such thing as a safety limit, just varying degrees of risk.

You may have 40 pounds on the kid, but what is his average speed relative to yours?

Originally Posted by Bryan
...my comment was it's not worth blowing a kids knee ...
I always feel compelled to chime in on this point - Bindings do not, will not, and have not ever protected the knee. The whole DIN standard is based on "protection" of lower leg (tibia & fibula) only ... not including the knee or any other joint (like the ankle for example).
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I have been hurt the worst when my ski came off unexpectedly.

There are many factors that go to binding settings, including but not limited to:

Height, weight, sole length, snow conditions, technique, discpline of race, course conditions.

I think as a racer you start with a normal setting for a type III+ and if your skis are coming off inadvertently slowly move up the scale 1/2 setting at a time until your skis stay on. There are situations in a race course where your ski just will not stay on, like getting light on your outside ski in the middle of a turn. Skidding trhough rough ski tracks and ruts rather than smoothly carving.

The last thing you want is to lose a ski at 50-65MPH in a SG or Downhill or a GS for that matter at 40MPH.

There is a very fine line between retention and release. AS said above it is a definite tradeoff.

You have to experiment and see what works for YOU!
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I've had more injuries from crashing because a ski came off, than crashing and have the ski stay on. Racing is gerenerally more aggressive than free skiing. The DIN charts are based on 'Normal' skiing. Big mountain, park and pipe, racing, etc, are sub-disciplines of skiing and must have the bindings adusted to compensate for the extra forces. if the scale goes to III(three), think of racing as IV (four) -X (ten) on the same scale, depending on the level of competition.
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Well I am around the same size and have my dins set at 7. The skis never pre-released and never and came out when I took some light falls. The bindings I got used and were the older rossignol race FKS so I wasn't to confident with them. The once time they both released was when I took a bad fall in the GS course. I think that something around 7 - 7.5 should be fine.
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