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Edge blow out -repair

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The guy I took it to says that it is better to not cut out a piece of the edge and replace it.

He chose to "pound out" the edge instead.

The final result is that the pounded out edge is not on the same plane as the rest of the ski. The guy who fixed the ski says that this is stronger than replacing the edge.

My question:
Which is worse?
1) Replacing the edge and possibly weakening the ski but having the damaged edge on the same plane as the rest of the ski

2) Having a bent edge that doesn't line up with the rest of the ski <FONT size="1">

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Fellow Bears,

Help a brother out.

Someone has to have some experience or knowledge on this subject!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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No matter which way you go I would put that edge on the outside.
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If he didn't pound it out true, take it back and have him finish the job correctly.
In my case I've had a two edges spliced and the skis eventually failed for other reasons, not the repaired edge blowing out again. Just mark the repaired edge on the top of the ski and always keep that edge outside and they should be fine once the edges have been trued up. They'll ski funny until then.
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