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Easties up for Utah/Jackson Trip

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Two of us headed to Jackson/Targhee via a weekend in Utah in late Feb into March from Maine. Both extremely competent in ability for each respective method of schuss (yeah, he drags his knuckles). We got our flights and accomidations, but the rest is wide open. Were both 30, (single for the week), party, and above all rip it. We will also be with many easties in exile, now settled out there and familiar with each area were going.

Might you have any suggestions as far as Cat/Heli skiing, definative apres'/party spots, nice ski spots off the beaten track, restaraunts or anything else that might peak our interests? We have 10 days and unlimited miles on the rental truck. We will be in Utah until Sunday (2-30), then up to Jackson for the week.

Also, what are people generally sking on out there....i'm guessing im gonna want to rent some big mountain sticks if we have some big snow. I plan on bringing my apaches, but possibly renting otherwise.

Thanks for your help...and if your out there and find us....were buying.

had this on another message board for 4 weeks, with one reply....hope this forum is better.

Also, what happened to all the snow??? I'm getting nervous.
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can't give you much info on Jackson/ Targee other then what I'm sure you already know. Bob Peters and a couple of other bears who live up that way will have the best info. Snow here in Utah is still pretty good. we have been gettting small amounts here and there keeping conditions good. Not great but stilll good. I can't tell you much about night life in Salt Lake City But if you do come to Park City there are Bars,Clubs and great places to eat all up and down Main St. HarryO's has music and sometimes nationaly known bands. Plan B is another popular club. You have to stop in at the No Name Saloon It's alocals hang out also Oh Shucks. For skis just about any wide mid 75mm to 80somthing will be fine for 89.9% of your skiing. If you plan to heli ski or cat ski most have Powder boards if you need them. Powder Mountain has some fun hike to or cat skiing on about 5000 acres There is also a heli skiing operation right there. Most of the trerrain isn't super steep but still fun. There is also Park City Powder cats. they have an operation that picks you up in Park City and takes you back into the Uinta mountains. on a ranch that is the largest land holding in Utah. Ranch is so big it is also in Wyoming. make sure to ski Alta and for mega vert hit Snowbird. Snowbasin up by Ogden is my favorite Mountain. You will pass it as you head up to Powder Mountain.
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thanks utah...appreciate it. Again, I will be with some mainers in exile who have settled down quite nicely out there, so i assume i will be in good shape. We will spending most of our time up around the bird (never been), and an ole' fashoined friday night out in Park City, where a number of freinds make a living. I will be sure and check those places out.im pretty sure we will be at thebird for the forst friday, but i would like to hit snowbasin as well. We have a rental SUV, so getting there is no prb..but how far? My buddies are into major vert..so it will be tough to get them away from the bird. I will be bringing a pair of Apache Crossfires..so i hoe that will suffice for the week.

i know one thing....im gonna be tired.
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Crossfire should be fine, a Recon would be better but you will be fine. i have skied my R11's in thigh deep powder and had a blast. Check into quick start program here in Park City for your first day of skiing It is good at all three Park City area resorts. There are discount passes to snowbird at the salyt lake city costco. have to buy a 4 pack of tickets think it comes out to $45.00 a day. Quick Start makes a good way to log some time on skis and warm up for Snowbird. If your legs can take it you can do 3200 vert in one lap at the Bird. Just take the tram up and point them down. Are your friends in the Park city area? or Salt Lake? The drive to Jackson and Targee is about 5 hours easy to do mostly on interstate. Do main st drink 3.2 beer have fun and pray you will have to rent powder skis.
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While Targhee is a great place to ski you will find Driggs (the town near by) lacking for someone wanting an apres ski atmosphere. I would recommend staying in the Jackson area and commuting to Targhee.

In the Jackson area you should either stay at Teton Village or downtown if you plan on going out at night. The Hostel X is an affordable place right at the base of the ski area. Downtown I would recommend the Wagon Wheel Motel. It has good rates and is within walking distance of the bars.
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Check out the picture of the day at alta.com for 1/30 and see what can happen when they "report" 4inches of snow! LIARS!
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I will be in JH from 2/28-3/4.


Where in the Pocs are you?
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we have a condo at the rquet club in Jackson sun-thurs, and will be staying with friends for a night in Targhee.

Not looking forward to the 3.2 beers or the lame sponsorship BS you have to go through to get a drink in utah, but i heard park city rips it nonetheless.

If the snow is good, we will try cat skiing out of Targhee...or a posssible 1/2 day heli trip at the hole......if the snow picks up.

Thanks again for all your help.
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