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nice, Coach!
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As for stashes that only the locals know about, I think that's fine. I know that if I lived near a ski area I'd like to know that my season pass and/or constant support bought me a little more than what all the tourists get.

Besides, I have no problem acknowledging that the locals are more competent skiers--generally, as a group--than are the visitors who only get out a few days a year and deferring to their local knowledge.

When at Breck recently, I was quite happy to catch a chair with a local and learn some new insights. Even if it was only at the green-blue levels.
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Hey felker and HT, when you want to vent a little frustration, just head over here:

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Originally Posted by spindrift
Boy is there a bunch of snobbery and selfishness bubbling around here. What bunk. I'm all for earning your turns and finding secret stashes in the BC. Go for it! The BC is not a business I'm paying in exchange for skiing fun. When I hand my dollars to a resort, I expect them to maximize the skiing opportunities and fun I get in return for those dollars. Among other things, that includes letting me know where I can find the best skiing with the least amount of pain - and it includes spreading crowds out as much as possible. If a resort wants to keep things secret for locals, maybe they should offer special "locals only" lift tickets - at 20 bucks a pop extra?

All other things being equal, I'll take my money to the places that help maximize my fun rather than help a bunch of snobbish "locals" have extra fun at my expense (since my dollars help subsidize the same infrastructure they use). I doubt I'm all that alone in this point of view...

extra fun at your expense..please. If you cant figure out how to maximize your own dollars and cents...thats your loss. Try cutting a trail by yourself or spending time finding the stash only to have some Joey rip your hard earned turns cause it was on the map. Enjoy your credit card lodge food and 35$ ski tunes.
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The reality is, there are many resorts that can't name EVERYTHING in their area. When you've got 1000-2000-3000+ acres to manage, about all your going to get on the trail maps are the major obvious shots. That's why the patrol at Alta has a saying, "If you can see it, you can ski it." (with the exception of course of closed areas.) For example I was told my first year, by the patrol, that "Warning: Cliff Area" signs are "informational only" and that these areas are "open". Now does that mean they need to put the "Diving Board" on the map? No Way!!! The real use of a trail map is to say, "hey, that area on the Mtn. looks interesting" and go do some exploring. I'm sure you'll find something good. Or you could do like many other tourists, and follow the ski school and Patrol jackets around....

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Originally Posted by slownlow
Try cutting a trail by yourself or spending time finding the stash only to have some Joey rip your hard earned turns cause it was on the map. .
Sooooo... what you are saying is that you resent it when your private cut, no-tourists-allowed inbounds trail/stash gets hit by a baby kangaroo that hasn't earned its turns but has purchased a lift ticket and read an official map????? :

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Joey...it's a Northeast term....I think.
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Stop....playing...Flying Gonzo game......must...get....work....done.....
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Originally Posted by gonzostrike
please don't ever come ski in Montana. we don't make the glades safe for spodes and gapers like you.
Help me Gonzo, In the East a SPORE is a Stupid Person On Rental Equiptment. In Big Sky Country what is a SPODE?? Stupid Person On Demo Equiptment??
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