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Noise in general can be a problem. Most times I have been in my own room with Matt, (kid) and noise was not a problem. I usually do ok on sleep while I'm there and sleep is not easy for me. The beds are great.

There are also some rooms for couples that you can reserve. Wife still wouldn't give it a try.

The place is real rustic, but it works. No hot tub!
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Originally Posted by highpeaksdrifter
Phil, what is it about Okemo that makes it a pleasure for you? I've only been there once and I didn't like it at all. However, I realize that once isn't enough to fairly judge a mountain.
Okemo is not a particularly hard mountain, but it is a fun, playful mountain. The glades are fun, not too steep but fun. As far as bumps, they make some of the best in Vermont. Okemo also has, probably, the best snowmaking and grooming around too. Plus I get to ski with Max Capacity there .
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Probably old news to many, but here's a recent press article on possibly reawakened development of a Killington "village".
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Killington, Here's How!

No saturdays
No holidays
Ski and stay sunday to monday
Ski Bear mountain
Killington is so big you can find plenty or runs that are wide open

But, bring good goggles. They don't mark hazzards so well such as sink holes. MCL tear last year to prove it.
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