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The Holmenkol stand works very, very well as a permanent table. It has the added bonus that it can be moved if necessary without too much trouble.

I certainly wouldn't consider it "ultra-portable".
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The Holmenkol certainly appears to be a nice table. The Maplus is definitely stable and nice, IMO.

Noodler, is there any rating out there for comparing lateral stability of benches that's not subjective so people can get a real sense of what suits their preferences, needs and price points?
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OK - I'm going to "read between the lines" on your post and guess that what you're really after is for me to justify my comments about the benches.

Of course I have no personal experience with the Maplus tables, but here's what I see in the pictures.

1. Thinner legs and frame all around (possibly lighter guage steel). The Holmenkol looks thicker.
2. The Maplus table looks taller (not sure without dimensions) - that's not a good thing for us 5' 7" guys and probably will work against guys even taller. Once you add a set of World Cup vises the height will make it difficult to have proper leverage when you're working.
3. The spread of the legs at the floor is barely larger than the spread at the table top. This doesn't look nearly as stable as the Holmenkol design whose feet positions are much wider (in all directions) than the table itself.
4. The built-in ski rack stands on the Holmenkol are more integrated into the back of the bench frame and are not dependent on c-clamps to keep the stands in place. I use the racks all the time as I move skis in and out of the vise.
5. The top of the Maplus looks like a slab of wood whereas the Holmenkol is a laminated MDF type that doesn't absorb chemicals or stains and cleans up easily.
6. Pricing - the Holmenkol is about $300 (I think) although I picked up mine on a spring sale for $150.

So yes, my observations are subjective, but without solid data on the Maplus the picture provided gives a fairly good indication of what that table is about.
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The thought of relative stability came about when trying to provide understanding of how the ultra portable and lightweight Terminator compared to much heavier stands like the Holmenkol or Maplus and others and we were trying to figure out how to test it properly and provide clear comparisons.

In any event I'm sure that anybody objectively looking at these two and others would not see any difference in regards to their stability. There is nothing about Maplus that has shown me they are interested in anything 'lighter gauged' or cheap, but the contrary, high quality. The lacquered, 7 ply, B-grade Baltic Birch tops a case in point (compared to MDF). Some people do like a nice wood top as their preference versus a composite. The lower cost of the Holmenkol could suggest there were corners cut to lower their prices and hit a price point. For dealers considering these, they obviously can sell the Maplus stands and other products at whatever price or packaged as it suits them or their customer's preferences. As a rep, I'm somewhat limited on my site, but can and do negotiate privately.

Regarding the ski racks, have the ability to remove them easily allows for easier storage as well as adding other vises or the nordic profiles for the combi bench which are nice options for many and increase the benches versatility. The shelf is handy too.

For the record the top is 33 3/4" high and the adjustable vise seats are an inch lower.
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I was at Dick's Sporting goods and happen to notice that they have work benches all over the store for the staff to use, that looked exactly like those used by the ski wax companies. Upon close inspection they were. I guess there is one or two companies that makes all these beneches for everyone, here is the one I saw, it was nicely built sturdy and strong enough, obviously, for commercial use:


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