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Breck on Wed 2/2/05

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I'll be up at Breck for a few hours Wednesday helping my wife "re-enter" skiing after more than a decade's hiatus. If you'll be around, let me know; perhaps we can hook up for a run or lunch or something... Warning: we'll be skiing greens until she says she's ready for blue fare...
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I wish I was going to be there! I thoroughly enjoyed Breck (the greens and blues). You guys have a great time and take some turns for me.

Hey, now that you're back from EpicSki University let me know a good time to talk tech companies.


- HT
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Have a good time, Steve. I am glad Terry is going skiing again!
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I may be up for a day of pure carves on easy terrain. I'm starting to tip the equation in the wrong direction by skiing too many bowls and bumps. I teach in the morning, but I can get down to the Maggie lift by about 11:00.
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Look for us there, LM. You'll recognize me (same outfit I wore in Big Sky, sans video backpack). It looks like Terry will be wearing my old (ancient!) blue North Face one piece since her new Patagonia pants don't fit! She is seriously bummed about it. She tried them on, we ordered the same size, but they don't fit her right.
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Terry and I met up with Bong for a number of runs off Breck's Maggie lift yesterday. It was great to see Bruce, and we took it very easy as Terry got her ski legs back. Bong gave her a couple of visual images that helped her a bit, too, but it was mostly just about getting back on skis and sliding around. DP, I blew it; I wrote your mobile number down, then promptly left the note on my breakfast table! LM, we looked for you, but no joy...

We'll likely be up again next week, this time with the kids. I'll let you all know if you'd like to hook up at all...
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Sorry I missed you, Steve. I needed a spend time alone with Mark doing nothing day!
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie
Sorry I missed you, Steve. I needed a spend time alone with Mark doing nothing day!
You go, girl! Maybe next time...
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Hi ssh-
I skied over to the 6pack a couple of times but couldn't spot you. Maybe next time? (I'll be up tomorrow- will you? Since there is almost nothing in life that interests me less than football, I always ski on Superbowl Sunday). I did hike the Imperial Bowl on Wednesday- it was great!!
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