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What binding to use fora Volant machete sin ski

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I have a pair of volant machete sin's , 165 cm, that I bought because it
was a great deal and the ski looks wicked. They come with an integrated riser plate that allows flex (see Rei-outlet.com)
What binding are people out there buying for these ?
I bought a cheap $79 rossi 110 axium binding but don't like it. For one it has it's own riser and flex plate and that seems to be redundant and add height. For another, these skis are already stiff, I don't want to add too much to the rig.

what would you experts out there recommed ? BTW, I am a light 140lb skier,
so these are very heavy skis for me anything to reduce the weight would be good, while anything that makes the ski easier to turn would be appreciated too.

They were really grabby on my first day on them, but a bit of detuning
has helped. They just love to bomb straight downhill, but harder for me to
turn on steeps and bumps than my old salomon scream 8W 155.
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Try a Sollie 710/711 or 810/811.
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Do not be so concerned that the Volant has a riser on it. The ski itself is very thin, a riser brings it a little above the norm. I have a 10mm riser on my Sollie 912s and am fine.
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Thanks for the suggestions - you all seem to be pointing to sollies, I may go with the 912s.

What do you think of putting something like a marker 1200 piston binding on these ?
I notice the machete riser is 2 piece and slides as the ski flexes. Would adding a binding on
that does basically just that be redundant ? silly ? good ? any thoughts ?

Also, I thought nothing of sollies until I started reading some of the other threads on this forum that seem to warn against sollies failing to perform. what do you guys think of this ?

I spoke to a knowledable chap at REI (used to work for salomon, and also was ca ski instructor in CO.) - he said for lighter folks like me and him (140lbs), the sollie bindings were just fine - people who are much heavier seem to have complaints. His suggestion was the sollie 912s.

Also, the same guy suggested to me that the machete sins will work much better for
a heavier guy than me, I would have to work at turning them.... He suggested salomon scream 10 xtra hots or Solllie PRs or 1080s as a better mid-fat for me.....

I kind of still like the machete sin's just because they look so cool and serious, but I do
have a harder time turning them on the steeps & bumps....

thoughts/comments welcome.
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I don't think you even need the 912, an 810 would be fine. I have and plan on skiing *Salomons for a while.

*I pretty much said the same thing with my Raichles and Volants, so take it with a grain of salt .
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