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quick snow check?

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Heading out to Keystone tomorrow.
Can someone give me a quick rundown of Keystone, A-Basin and other local Snow conditions? I know it has been quite dry that last 10 days or so.

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Good timing. It's going to be sweeeeeeeeeet tomorrow. I think Copper will probably report 6" at least. It's beautiful snow - dryer than the stuff you'd even find at Steamboat. No idea about Keystone, this could be one of those weird storms where they just get a little. But they've been getting a little for 2 days now.
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I was at Copper this weekend. Had about 3-4 inches new on Sunday, but it was over icy hardpack and there were plenty of thins spots. Hopefully by now they've gotten enough and it's helping cover all the rocks I hit.
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5-6" of feather-light fresh at Breck today. The Horseshoe Bowl was great, although be very careful on the skiers left- there are rocks and bushes near the top that are just covered with a half-foot of snow and are only detected when you ski over them (insert horrible sound effect here). The Imperial Bowl was open, too, and NO wind, but my patellar tendonitis was bothering me so I didn't make the hike . Skiing should be great, but as was stated above, watch out for the "dust on crust" in heavily travelled areas. Hopefully good grooming will take care of some of that.
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WWW.coloradoski.com Enjoy! Its all Good Right Now!
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