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IM75 chip length

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Level ?8?

Looking at IM 75 chip for an all mountain crud buster.
My weight varies between 165 and 185.

Could I get away with 163 or would I need 170?

Is this ski good to "ski short".

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I found 170 was the right length for me @170lbs & 5'8". Don't think I would have liked to go as short as 163 in it.
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I'd go with the 170. This seems to be a good all around length. If you go too short you'll loose some of the float that you're looking for. I'm about 200 lbs. and the 177 was the right fit for me here in the east.
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I am 5 '9" 180 lb. and skied the IM75 in the 170 - this length seems to be the best overall length.

Make sure you are getting a fabulous deal on the IM75 as the new IM77 with liquid metal is now available. I know a few guys who have demoed it and indicate that it is a better livelier ski than the older IM75.
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I have to agree with the group. I was looking at this ski earlier this winter as well, though I never got a Demo The guy who reccomended the ski to me loved the ski when he demoed the 170 but got the 177 for more stability. Talking to him afterwards he siad it was better in 170 overall. I think hes a pretty big guy too 180ish. So going short is the way to go with this one.
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Yeah, check out the new iM77 if you haven't already. Much updated sidecut and a better ski overall. Definitely go 170cm. I have the iM75 on closeout right now at $540 w/binding, but we also have the '06 iM77 chip in 163/170 for $670 with binding-hard to go wrong with that ski either!
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Ok, thanks for all the help guys. I was leaning toward 170cm myself. I am very interested in the new im77, but have seen verylittle info. Can anyone point me toward any new material on this ski? Has anybody skied it?
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Having test-skied both the iM 75 Chip and you, Dr. Icelover, I'm confident the 170 is your best bet. Be sure that they attach the White Heat self-arrester.
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