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Stowe Instructor help

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Great forum, have lurked here for a while, hope it's appropriate to post so soon after joining.
I need some help from y'all to find a great instructor at Stowe. I've skied with several there, including 2 examiners who were hot skiers, but had had the 'charisma by-pass operation'. Also skied with a Swiss(Austrian?) guy who had the wierdest arm movements!
So, any recommendations?
I'm a strong skier, can handle the Front 4 most days, but see the fluidity and efficiency of really good skiers, and realize that something is missing.
Basic needs that I would require:
Must be a Level 3
Must be congenial, interesting, wordly
Must have the intelligence to simplify skiing concepts
Must love to ski, not talk
Thanks, all ..............Dave
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Try SKISWIFT here on EpicSki. His name is Keith Renacle, and is a Level 3 at Stowe. I skied with him during the fresh tracks program at Stowe back in December, and he showed some great moves. He has a strong knowledge of the area, having been there for several years.
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I've done the ETU (Eastern Tune-Up) each of the past two years. My coaches at those events were Tim Thompson and Doug Stewart. They both work at Stowe as either staff trainers or examiners. I got the idea that Tim isn't there a whole lot, but they are both phenomenal instructors.

Good luck!
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I'll add another vote for Doug Stewart. I've known him for about 10 years. He even made the Eastern D-Team last year, and is on the fast track to becoming an examiner. Not bad for a guy in his mid 20's. He also happens to work in a ski shop and does a lot of boot fitting, so he has a good eye for alignment.

Tim will be harder to get with because he travels as a full time examiner.

Send me a PM and I'll send you his email address.
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Actually Tim is at Pico Mountain, I think, Kevin.

This year Tom Ashworth (D-team, L3) is back at Stowe. He's great!!! You can't go wrong with him or Doug. Stu Campbell is another coach at Stowe who is beyond incredible, but I don't think he's available for the next couple of months (at least).

Good luck.
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All those guys are great choices. I's also recommend Lynn Gorski, Mike Anglin and Alex Klimanov. All Level 3's, and I like to ski with 'em.
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