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Pre-releasing (from bindings that is)

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I had been having pre-releasing issues with my Atomic SX9s mounted with supercross 310 bindings. Upon tightening the bindings after the first few incidents I still pre-released while skiing at a fast speeds and suffered a season ending injury. I was wondering if anyone has had these problems with Atomic bindings and if so what you did to solve the problem short of getting new skis. If there are any Atomic reps on the site, any incite would be much appreciated. Thanks again for all the help.
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I had this problem all the time with my 6-14 Atomic bindings. The new Neox seem to be fine tough.
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I have never pre-released from my bindings. Too many people think of skis as something you never need to perform a preflight check on, they should always "just work". Bindings are precision mechanical interfaces, and deserve attention.

Here is what I do.
Every time I put them on:
1. Scrape and whack boot sole free of snow with great prejudice. If needed, do the same to the binding.
2. Snap the boot in, make sure that a "THACK!" and not a "THUNK!" is heard.
3. Check for lateral and rotary play.
4. Check lateral alignment. I've occasionally been able to lock a boot into a binding with it being slightly out of center at the toe.

Every night after skiing:
1. Check flex and edge integrity. Put the skis together base to base, look for discontinuities in the camber. If I've broken a ski, I want to know before they fly off my feet.
2. Look for cracks in plastic housing, this may indicate bent metal inside.
3. Snap the boot in. Check forward pressure screw to make sure it's slightly recessed with the boot in.
4. Check toe height by trying to work it up and down.
5. Check for lateral play by working the boot side to side.
6. Verify DIN.

Every month:
1. Check for rust on visible parts.
2. Check for excessive wear on boot soles.
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I appreciate the advice, and must say I follow your tips as suggested. All the skis and bindings I have owned have all been kept in excellent condition, I guess it was a habit from my racing days to check over all my equipment intensely before and after use. I have been skiing for many years and have never had a problem with pre-releasing until this particular ski/binding which brought me to the conclusion that the problem might be stemming from the set-up. I have heard other stories of bindings pre-releasing on this site, but havent had the time to search through the archives. Thanks for taking the time to respond, and I’ll see if I can dig up any interesting results.
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To risk sounding like a broken record, I had pre release issues with 410's that grew severe enough to make me think I was telemarking. The bindings were cleaned and in good condition, sized to the boot correctly, and I could step out in my living room so there was no ice or crud, yada, yada, yada. The shop tested it and said they were dead. I had no warranty on them so I had to get new ones. I got 610's so that I could use the same bolt holes, but I'm anxious as to how long they'll last.
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What year are the bindings from? There were quality issues with some of the Atomic bindings from about 4 years ago where the heel pieces were breaking up. If you do a search through the forum you will find a lot of threads relating to it.
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I use the 412s on my SX11s and have only had pre-release problems on powder days. After reading some comments on this forum about atomic bindings being very sensitive to snow on boot soles, I started clearing my boot soles very well after my inevitable powder crashes and haven't had a problem since. It is a pain to clear my soles well when stuck in knee deep powder on a steep slope but that is better than doing another face plant on the way down.

I don't know if this could also be a problem for you but thought I should mention it, as it is a known issue with Atomic bindings.

I'll be shopping for some powder skis this year and I'd prefer not to have atomic bindings on them but it wouldn't be a big issue for me if I got a good deal (maybe some sugar daddys).


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