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Where to stay in Sun Valley?

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I was thinking of setting up a trip next January with a total of 6 dudes, and am looking for recommendations on where to stay in Sun Valley. We don't need luxury; we won't be cooking; refrigerator = required; jacuzzi/hot tub required. Thoughts?
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Sun valley

My wife and I skied there a couple years ago and I had booked us into the Ketchum Korral. It was pretty rough and don't think I would book a guys' trip there, but it was cheap. Instead we stayed at Pennays at River Run. The owner/host is an incredibly gracious Aussie by the name of Alan Pennay. He picked us up at the Korral and put us up in a very nice one BR condo. He let us borrow his truck for a trip to the grocer as well as to pick up a rental car. The first day of skiing, he gave us a personal tour of Mt. Baldy.

The property is very convenient to the mountain. Here's the link:
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Get a condo. Look at the Central Res website or do a internet search. There's tons of choices. The areas are all pretty close so most locations are fine.
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OK...Ketchum or Sun Valley

bdmrad - Thanks for the link; we'll check it out.

Hiski - Thanks, I guess should have told you that we've been doing this ski trip with the same guys for over 10 years, and we've gone to Tahoe, Utah, and Whistler. However, we've never been to Sun Valley and don't blindly trust websites.

Getting back to the topic, aside from bdmrad's recommendation, would one recommend staying at any place in particular? Or how about a general recommendaiton to stay in Ketchum or stay at the resort?
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I would also recommend trying here:
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I would stay in Ketchum instead of Sun Valley. The only thing in Sun Valley is the Lodge, everything else is in Ketchum. Also You will probably be best off staying in what we call West Ketchum. Pennay's is about as close as you can get to the mountain. You can basically ski in and out of the place. And I second that Alan is cool.

Here is another site to try for booking a place. They should be able to put you in a place that you will like. Tell them what you want and how much you want to spend and they will do their best to set you up.

January is a good time to come because it is not all that crowded. Not that it is ever really crowded here. If you can, make sure that you ski at least one weekday. You will have the runs to yourself.
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Dino, gotcha, same here basically, guys trips are the best but in this case there are so many places and if you search just a little there are some deals to be had here.
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Book a condo in Ketchum. You can catch a quick free shuttle bus ride to the mountain from almost anywhere in the valley.
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