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What does "D.D." mean?

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I've seen this terminology before in the skiing and cycling world, but I cannot recall the meaning. What does "D.D." mean?

In context, "use a 4mm bit to drill the cuff on the two centering marks (D.D.) on the inside of the cuff".

Thanks, if anyone knows (or remembers).
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Dolby Digital
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Any mechanics out there?
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Dual Dovetail?

........ failing that I think it's got something to do will a womens Bra size, but best to confirm it with a mechanic.
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In Raichle it would mean "Dual Density"
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I think it is a more common European terminology. But, I'm not testing. I really hope someone knows.
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A long shot: Maybe a diagram or the boot mold itself with the instructions has labelled the marks D.
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