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Need some advice on purchasing new ski.

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I currently own a HEAD IC160 156cm.

Last weekend i had a chance to demo some higher end ski.

I tried Rossi 9S 160cm, Head IC-SL chip 160cm, Head IC-XRC 1100 chip 163cm.

I ski on mostly groom packed snow, Ontario, Canada.

My weight is 5'3". 125lb, and intermediate to expert level.

The Rossi 9S was very easy to carve and handle, The IC-SL chip was very easy to carve and handle also, I find the XRC 1100 chip to be very difficult to handle.

So i think the Slalom ski are more enjoyable for me.

I don't know which to get,
Rossi 9S
Head IC-SL chip
Head IC-SL
Volkl P60 SC World Cup SL
Soloman Equipe 10 3V
Atomic SL11m

What are the characteristic of these skis,

Are these ski good for once a year ski at Wristler and Tremblant.
How are they perform on powder?

Will i be better off keeping my Head IC-160 to use with these slalom ski?
Or will the slalom ski will do just fine

What length are you recommending for my weight height and skil.

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I'd like to suggest the Volkl 5*. All-mountain ski for on piste. Forgiving with great performance. If you are really an intermediate skier stay away from the P60, It won't help you progress. The 9s is easy, forgiving and performs as well. Try the 5*!
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spongebob, welcome to EpicSki!

What kind of terrain, speeds, and turn shape do you tend to ski? What are you looking to get out of your skis? What differences did you notice between the Heads? Between the IC-SL and the 9S?

There are a lot of skis out there they you'd enjoy, but the real key is getting one with enough beef that is fun for you and will accomplish what you seek.
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thanks for the reply

The 9S seem ok, are they ok in powder? How about mogul.
Isn't the 5* is like Head XRC 1100 GS type?

I ski on groomed slope (little icy). and Mogul. I like to ski moderatly fast.
I ski shorter turn shape.
I like good edge grip, with decent mogul ski.
I can't seem to control the XRC1100, difficult to initate turn. But than it's a little long at 163cm.
The IC-SL seem to be better edge grip.

Is it true that the 9S is more versatile than the IC-SL?

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Sorry to be of no help narrowing down your list. ADD the Fischer RX8 to your demo list.
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No help from me either, but don't overlook the Atomic Metrons.
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