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Best helmet for Oakley Wisdom goggles

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I have FINALLY decided to bite the bullet and get a helmet! After skiing in Vermont this past weekend I noticed 70-80% of ADULTS wearing a helmet. With those numbers it must make sense!

I know that trying helmets on is the most important thing and I will be doing just that. I did a search on helmets on this site and found the Boeri Steez and Giro 9 were two of the most popular. Has anyone used Oakley Wisdom goggles with either of these? Any other helmets a good fit with Oakley's?

Also how does a Balaclava fit with either of these helmets? I guess I will bring everything with me when I try on the helmets.


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The secret is to blow 15 bucks on the Oakley Wisdom helmet strap. The standard strap clip cuts in toward your head & just bites with all helmets. As far as I can tell, the helmet strap makes for a good setup with most helmets. The scary thing is that half the shops I've talked to don't even know that these straps exist! Out of the rest, only a few actually stock it. The quick answer is:

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I own a Giro Nine 9 and took the clip off my Oakley goggles and had a local seamstress install a velco closure at the back, that way I can adjust the goggle strap lenght to fit any helmet

cheap and easy fix

cost $5
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The issue is the clips that attach the strap to the google. On many face shapes the standards ones jam against the helmet preventing the goggle from seating correctly on your face.

The helmet specific straps have clips that flare outward so that they easily go on the outside of the helmet, letting the goggle settle on your face. However, the big fastex type clip in the back is indeed lame on a helmet specific strap - but seems to work OK anyway.
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I have Wisdom goggles and a Boeri helmet. Definitely get the Oakley helmet strap. It makes a huge difference.The regular strap makes the goggles gap at the sides when you wear a helmet. With the helmet strap, the goggles fit perfectly.
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The helmet strap is a MUST. I use my Wisdoms with a Giro Fuse. No problems at all.

I use an underarmour balaclava, and again, there aren't any problems. Enjoy.
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I'll copy and paste the reply I made to the same thread you posted at alpinezone in case you don't read that one:

Posted: 31 Jan 2005, 11:09 PM Post subject:


I have a Giro 9 that I use with my Wisdoms. They work fine together. I also use a balaclava, one of the turtle fur ones that is just the wicking liner on top(meant to go under a helmet) and has turtle fur for the neck. I think they call it a shellaclava. Works great.

Make sure you get the helmet strap kit for your Wisdoms from Oakley. If you don't, the plastic arms on the goggles(where the strap goes on) will hit the end of the helmet and not let the goggles sit back where they should. When I ordered them they weren't listed on O's web site. Call them and ask for the helmet strap kit for Wisdom's. I think they were like $20.

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Thanks for all the replies. I tried on about 10 different helmets with my Wisdoms and the helmet strap. The two best fitting on my head/googles were the Giro Fuse and Boeri Tactic. I ended up buying the Tactic with the reason being I liked the way it looked in the mirror over the Fuse.

Thanks agaun,

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I am in a DESPERATE search for the Oakley wisdom helmet strap if by any chance someone has an old one and wants to sell one or knows of anyone that would be fantastic and I would appreciate it so much! Its virtually impossible to find it nowadays. THANKS!!!!

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This is so wrong on so many ways.


This is a zombie thread from 8 years ago. Talking waking up the dead!


Anyway was google spelled the same way back then.


Off the yop of my head you might try is the Oakley site.

Ahh, Here it is…



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