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Looking for SL:11, 157cm

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I'm looking to buy a pair of new, 2003/04 or 2004/05 Atomic SL:11s, size 157cm, preferably already mounted with matching Atomic Race bindings. Please let me know if anyone has any to sell, and what your pricing and shipping would be. Thanks.
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Try Ebay.


I have bought from this Ebay seller with great results.

I would email the seller and see exactly what model SL:11 they are selling.

There are some "race stock" or "world cup" skis out there that are stiffer than the "retail version". They can be identified by having brass helicoil inserts in some of the binding mounting holes. Also, they have a sticker on the binding plate that lists the tip and tail flex ratings. I bought a pair of several pairs SL:11's this year on Ebay and found out they were all "race stock" not retail skis.

That being said, I have enjoyed the ski on hard snow and ice and the ski just rips. The best grip on ice that I have ever experienced. I love them. Otherwise I would sell them to you.

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Thanks for the input thusfar. I'm actually monitoring the eBay auction JonnyMo listed, and have also seen the skis on Overstock. At this point, I guess I'm just holding out for a good price (around $400 altogether would be great)...I may end up buying the skis off eBay, and using the link above for bindings ($179 is a pretty decent price), so thank you for all the help thus far.

If anyone else knows of any skis/bindings for sale, please let me know. Thanks!
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I have a pair of the WC version in a 165. 39/28 flex. New never skied. $250.00 w/o bindings or $350 with used (about 10 days) Atomic race 4-12 bindings. Prices are plus shipping.
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Chas - thanks for the offer, I'm seriously considering it. My concerns, however, are twofold:

1. With the WC or race stock version of the ski, to what extent will the ski be less versatile than the retail stock? Although I'm looking for the hard snow grip and gate-running capabilities of the SL:11, I'm also excited about its versatility and don't want to give this up. Will moving to the WC or race stock version reduce its versatility?

2. Length. I want to make sure 165 isn't too long. I'm 6'1", 180 lbs, expert skier and former racer, but I've heard this ski needs to be skied very short, and as a result, most racers tend to go for 157s. Any thoughts on this?

Also - a few questions: How, if at all, does "WC" differ from "Race Stock" or are the terms used interchangably? Also, where does the 39/28 flex fall in relation to other flex options? Is this ski extra stiff or just plain stiff? Finally, please confirm that the skis you're selling are indeed the 2004 model.

Thanks again - any insight you can provide would be most appreciated.

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I have an immaculate pair of 164cm retail version 03/04 SL11 with brand new Race 6.14's. I want $375.00 plus shipping for the whole shabang! This is one of my favorite skis ever. I just have too many skis laying around.

I also have 2 pair of World cup SL11,165cm. They are my sons. The shape is different on the race stock ski and it is much more demanding, much stiffer and much less versatile. I only ski on the Race Stock version on very very hard groomed condtions.

email me at Atomicman52@comcast.net
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I got a chance to demo the SL-11 last weekend. They are awesome! I want to get a pair asap. I've seen two diiferent versions of this ski for sale on the net. What is the difference between the SL-11m and the SL-11m beta race?
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The SL11m is this years ski with magnesium power channels and construction shape more similar to last years Race Stock ski. It's plate will also take 3 different Atomic bindings, Neox, Race or device.

SL11 Betarace is 02/03 or 03/04 ski with Titanium Power channels and is predrilled for Atomic Race or Xentrix (CR bindings). it has smaller beta lobes than The SL11m
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Atomicman - thanks for the offer for the retail 03/04 SL11 with bindings. My only concern with these skis is length, as it seems that a 157 would be better for me (6'1", 180lbs). If you don't mind me asking, what is your height/weight, and how do you find these skis in the 164 length?

Also, how many times have the skis been on the mountain? Any base/edge damage or repairs done? Are the bindings the matching yellow bindings, or some other color?

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The skis are perfect. And I can email you pictures.

The New in the box Race 6.14 I have are Black/Red.
Same as this & last years graphics. If you want yellow, I can pull a slightly used pair off my other skis.

I am your size and sold my 157cm. Maybe an 1" shorter and fluctuate from 177lbs. to 190lbs. I absolutely love the 164cm. More stable, more versatile. I think just as quick.

I have about 5 pair of skis and access to all my 2 sons race skis so these don't get a lot of use. I have not skied on them this year at all.

Also since they are not the very stiff race stock model (we have 2 pair of those) they are much easier skiing but still hold like no one's business on hgard snow since you can arc the bejeebers out of them!
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Has anyone skied the 03/04 SL-11 Beta Race and the 2005 SL-11? I am curioous if there is a noticeable difference in the handling of the skis. My only experience was a demo on the 2005 SL-11. They were great.

I can't find a pair of 2005 SL-11's for a reasonable price. I have located several pairs of SL-11 Beta Race. I am considering them as an alternative.
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How does the SL11 compare with the SL9. I was able to demo the SL9 and loved it. Is the SL11 much more demanding?
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Just checked Epic Ski. I think Atomicman pretty well answered the questions you asked about the 165 WC version of Atomic slaloms.

I never skied them, but have a pair of the '04 SL11's in a 157 and really love them. I weight about 170.
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Originally Posted by SkiAtomic
I got a chance to demo the SL-11 last weekend. They are awesome! I want to get a pair asap. I've seen two diiferent versions of this ski for sale on the net. What is the difference between the SL-11m and the SL-11m beta race?
Same ski, no difference!
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I can't say enough good things about the 2004 SL 11 that I have skied the past two weekends in a 164 cm length. I weigh about 185 lbs. The ski has tremendous edge hold, and is a tremendous confidence builder when skiing very firm- "scratchy" icy conditions. The ski doesn't wash out period! Even at this short length you can ski it over frozen "death cookies" and it barely wavers.

You don't have to ski it at warp speeds either to enjoy it. Its a lot of fun and very confidence inspiring. Its not the tool for powder days , but other than that hard to come up with any other negatives. Unfortunately, you have to pay for all the performance provided, its a pretty expensive ski.
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100% in agreement!
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