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Elan S12 Fusion

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Ski Make: Elan
Ski Model: S12 Fusion
Ski Length: 168
Snow Conditions Used In: Maine groomers and some easier tree runs
Number of Days Used:12
Your Ability: Advanced though certainly no expert (?8)
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 3.5 recently after a long hiatus
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 20-30
Other Skis You Like: RX8, RX9, Head IM 75 Chip, 5-star, 6-star
I bought these skis at the end of the the season last year. I have some history with them now and have come to truly enjoy them in every condition I have encountered. I ski mostly groomers, some easier bumps and like steep terrain. So far this ski has not disappointed. It handles beautifully. I find it extremly smooth and more stable than I expected given how maneuverable it is. For comparison, vs the 5-star, I find it a little lesss maneuverable, but much more stable and relaxing. It has the stability of the 6-star with, I would say, 90% of the 5-star quickness. Similar comparison vs the RX8 and RX9. It seems to be an interesting cross (no pun intended) between a super turning quick ski and a more stable cruiser, but giving up very little of the turning ability to gain the stability and almost velvet-like smoothness. I really love this ski. One neg: it came with a terrible factory tune. Shovel edges were very dull for several inches. Serious sharpening needed to get full hard snow performance out of the wrapper.

At this point, I have not skied this ski in real powder (and prob. never will-just doesn't happen here) and have not yet experienced the true slop of Maine spring skiing. In the spring, the morning in frozen, the afternoon is warm with thick mashed potatos and chunks of death and the pm is ice after the mashed potato has been scraped off. This ski strikes mean as very stable so I think it should do well come spring, but if not I am considering something like the Elan M666 or the Head IM75 chip for the true spring crud. Any opinions?
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good review.

if you're lightweight or finesse oriented, the M666 will be a happy choice. see my review HERE.

if you're heavier or more aggressive and athletic, and like to drive your tips and skis hard, the iM75 will be more suitable.

both are excellent skis with straight sidewall construction and good snow feel.
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