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2006 volkl gs race ski

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www.worldskinews.com look at the womensworld champion ship sg podium the new volkls will be one the left with the italin
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Nice! I liked the look of this years too. I thought it was a big improvement over the p50 and first year p60 graphics. I noticed the clean sweep for Atomic in the mens SG... wow... but not surprising.
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reggie crist was holding some of the 06 sx-11's look tight like a cross between 04 and 05 graphics
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you can also see in that pic that the new spyder speed sutes are lighter for next year not sure if i like them
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There are also some of next year's Atomics floating around, I think. They don't look a lot different from this year, but the model name near the tip is on a black background.
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