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Bear Valley, CA

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May have to finally check this place when I'm skiing South Tahoe last weekend of March. Anyone go/been? The steeps on the trailmap look short and not so steep, maybe a great spot to lure the cousin into some more challenging skiing.

Thanks for anything.

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Bear Valley is not really part of the South Lake Tahoe group because Rt 4 is always closed in winter. You could stop by on your way to or from Tahoe, and head up 88 to hit Kirkwood the next day; but its a long way from South Lake. Good terrain, fewer crowds but no express detachable lifts means you ski this mountain in sections. Mainly popular with Stockton, to Fresno and South Bay Area locals. Not many tourists here.

The way I see it, you could ski this area on the way to Tahoe by comming up I-5 and 99 from SoCal or, head over to 395 and catch Mammoth. No contest really, but if you have never been there, give it a try.
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when i ski "south tahoe," it's out of my uncle's place in el dorado, just south of placerville on hwy. 49, so it's not a real big deal to get to BV.
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Maybe PM Ric Reiter (if you haven't already) as BV is his home area.

I drove through Placerville during the summer many years ago. If I'm not mistaken, the area surrounding it looks like Provence in southern France.
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Bear Valley, California, thats my home...

Ryan, it really is a great smaller area. It's old motto was "The best kept secret in the Sierra's", and I think it still is. It was founded in the 60's by Kyle Rasmussen's (USST DH'er) grandfather, Maury. Kyle can still be found ripping around the hill, when he isn't bass fishing or building houses.

You may want to hit it on the way up to El Dorado Hills,or on the way back to SoCal. Especially if you are planning on hitting and of the actual Tahoe resorts

It isn't the easiest place to get to. From El Dorado Hills, go south on Hwy 49 (about 50 miles), all the way to Angels Camp (home of the Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, of Mark Twain fame), then turn East on Hwy 4. It's just about 50 miles of winding 2 lane road with few passing zones up to the ski area. You will pass the actual town of Bear Valley, going about another 4 miles up the hwy.

If you want to hit while traveling North on Hwy 99, turn East on Hwy 4 in Stockton, and follow it thru Copperopolis, into Angels Camp. Then reverse the directions to get to El Do Hills.

It is a bit antiquated, with all older lifts. It has quite a few double Riblets, and a few (slightly) newer triples. But the skiing is fantastic... About 2000' vert, with steeps on the lower mtn. In Snow Valley, and Grizzly, you'll find enough fun to keep you very busy for more than a few days.

Great tree skiing on the upper mtn and the backside. If you would like, drop me a PM, and I'll hook you up with some friends to take you around and show you the best it has to offer...

Wish I was going to be there with you....
What were those dates again...? I can be there in about 4.5 hrs....!
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Thanks, Ric.
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another question about Bear Valley

I am planning a trip to Bear Valley in December, weekend before Christmas, I am thinking of renting a cabin near Arnold CA for a few days and I am curious if anyone has suggestions?
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Originally Posted by arik View Post
I am planning a trip to Bear Valley in December, weekend before Christmas, I am thinking of renting a cabin near Arnold CA for a few days and I am curious if anyone has suggestions?


BV doesn't get as much early snow. It will be sketchy.
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I know it's hit or miss with the snow, I used to go a lot for day trips when I lived in CA. It's more of a middle point for family in Sacramento and Monterey to meet up for a few days. I am pretty sure the upper mountain will be open.
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