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FS: Salomon Scream Hot w/912 Ti binding

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2004 Salomon Scream 10 Pilot Hot alpine skis with Salomon S912 Ti bindings, 175cm length. Dimensions: 110/75/100. Very nice mid-fat design. Skied about 10 days, this season only. Good condition (no core shots, no delams, no edge blowouts), could use tune-up & base grind. I'm selling because these skis overlap quite a bit with my Volant Sins, which I prefer since they are stiffer.

$350; skis are located in Reno, Nevada. I'll ship them, but buyer pays shipping (around $20-30 depending on location).

Also, the bindings mount to the Salomon predrilled Pilot plate, so there are no binding holes drilled into the ski.

More info & photos here (unrelated site, but it has pics & techy details):

http://www.rei.com/online/store/ProductDisplay?storeId=8000&catalogId=40000008000& productId=47833657&parent_category_rn=40000354&vca t=REI_SEARCH
Email me for pics. The 2004 Scream Hot is exactly the same as the 2005 model (seen in linked sites), but graphics have changed a little. According to Salomon, the construction is identical.

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Originally Posted by viking kaj
I bought last year's version of this ski and am mostly satisfied after a thorough Christmas try-out at Alta (the best) over 7 days skiing in everything from icy-crusty to between-the-trees-crud to 12" of fresh pow. For reference I'm 6'3" 220 lbs (1,87m and 100 kg) and a former instructor in my mid 40's, with all but 3 of those years spent on skis.

The ski is best in tight fall line turns and big sweeping GS style turns on groomed slopes. It excels on hard pack and icy conditions, and for the most part skiis like a traditional slalom cut ski. It's so quick on the edges in these types of conditions that it does most of the work for you. It is also stiff enough to blast through most crud with ease, although I did not get into anything chunkier than 6 inches of cut up and refrozen.

It works well in up to a foot of powder as long as you are doing the old style sit-back-and-pop-the tip turns as opposed to the new float-on-top (fat twintip) style of powder skiing. (I demo'ed a pair of fat twintips one day while on the trip, but that is another story.)

The ski does not do well in bumps as they are too stiff in the tails. You can force them through but they like to kick you on the backside, and it is not fun. Of course the stiff tails are great for putting on the brakes in the big GS turns on icy stuff, so this is the type of compromise that ski manufacturers have to make.

The ski also has problems with cruising at 30 mph plus as the side cut tends to make things a little twitchy (these things just want to carve). Of course I still have my Atomic 207 GS long boards, and there is nothing that will hold at speed like those.

My issues might have been resolved by buying a shorter ski (I got the 187's) or may also have been fixed with the xtra hot version which I understand is a little more flexible in the tail.

In summary don't believe the all-mountain "freeride" hype. This is a ski that does many things, but not everything, well.

On the other hand, if I was skiing mostly eastern hard pack, I might think these boards were near perfect.
I just cut-n-pasted viking kaj's review here...

My experience on the Scream Hots is close, but not identical to kaj's. I haven't really tried them in any deep powder (10-12" at most, where they were OK), and my mogul technique sucks anyway so no comment there.
I don't have any problem going as fast as I want on these skis, even straightlining. (I don't have a measurement of how fast that is, but it's enough to make my eyes water inside of goggles.) FWIW, I'm 6'0" and 190#.

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Bumpity, and to add:

I'd also consider a trade for other skis, such as a dedicated carving ski (160-170cm), an all-mountain twin-tip use(170-185cm - e.g. Public Enemy or Scratch BC), or Explosivs or other fat Volkls (180-190cm).

Thanks all-
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I'm interested in your skis. Tried to PM you but it wouldn't work. Can you send your contact info to me at georgeprivon@hawaii.rr.com?

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Email sent (dunno why my PM wasn't working)
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Originally Posted by El Chupacabra
Sent you a PM
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Sold to Keoki (George) - thanks !

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