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Utah - march 25th through april 3rd

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Got a trip for utah this week. I know the first 4 days We're at alta. Which should be GREAT! But, for the rest of the trip a couple friends are coming up that snowboard. They are just getting comfortable on the blue's, and they've never been out west. Was tring to figure out what resort(s) to take them to. I was thinking snowbird, but looks a bit hard for them. Any ideas on what place has decent intermidiate trails/good snow at that part of the year?

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Go to Brighton for at least one day. If the weather holds up. Last year we had a march melt down. The park city side of the wasatch took a real beating. Take a trip over to the Canyons It is another snowboard friendly resort. Park City Mountain Resort has some great Parks and 1/2 pipes for all abilities. but as I said keep your eye on the weather.
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Cool, thanks for the advise. If it does melt, are there places that are always realiable? I mean my friends have never been, so anything out there is going to freak them out, but I'm looking for some good snow(one reason I'm not buying lift tickets right now)
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have you been to Utah?, why would you ski Alta 4 days in a row. the greatest thing about utah is that there are 8 great resorts all within one hour of each other. i would ski them all if i were you, (wether depending as mentioned above).
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I've been once, first time I was out west. Just went to parkcity for 6 days and deervalley for 1. Never been to alta, figured there was quite a bit of stuff to cover, and since my friends snowboard, I figured I should just get alta done before they get there. So you think I should mix it up? How's the snowfall in the other areas? Alta seems like they have better coverage than the others at that time of year...
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becuse the Cottonwood, Canyon resorts are all faceing north and in Canyons that tend to trap cold air so coverage should be good. So far we are having one of the best snow years in about 5 years.. You might want to mix things up ski alta a couple of days and then snowbird. if the weather is cold and theres a front moving in plan on hitting something else. Do Something like spend your first few days in any of LCC or BCC resorts. head over to park city and get a cheap room at holiday inn express out by Intrestate 80 ski and spend a night on main st taking in a a bar and or a club or two. Park city is known as Utahs sin city. Don't Party to hard becuse you will want to get up early and head to Snowbasin. That place will blow your friends away. Again check the weather and ask here for a real outlook on snow conditions. you have 10 mountains all within an hour of each other. The cottonwood canyon mountains are a no brainer. You will have good conditions. It is the ones on the east side of the Wasatch Park City Mountain resort, The canyons, Deer Valley, Snowbasin and Powder Mountain That could be good or not depending on the weather and spring snowfall. We can get mega dumps that time of year.i have skied late march pow that was up to my waist. Keep your fingers crossed and be good to the gods of snow and you and your buddies will be talking about your sick utah trip for years.
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Brighton is the mecca of all Cottonwood Canyon boarders. Go there.
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Oh one more thing to think about Jackson Hole is only 5 hours North of salt Lake city. Leave Utah around 4 pm drive up I 15 stay in Driggs ID. Get up early and drive the 45 mins or so to Jackson. Now your biggest problem is going to be cleaning the brown stains out of your longjohns when you get your first look at Jackson Hole.
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Damn, thanks guys! This really helps! Now I did NOT know that Jackson Hole is 5 hours away ?!?! Damn, well I just might have to cruise up there for a day
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Heed the advice on skiing MOST of Utah's places (Alta/SBird for powder and challenge, Canyons and SnowBasin for EVERYTHING, Deer for groomers, Park City for 1 day), all weather dependent of course. Brighton and Solitude are too small and their lifts so-so.

I've done this a few times: ski Utah for 4-5 days, then head to Jackson Hole after a day in Snowbasin, sleep in Driggs (as UTAH 49 mentioned). After 1,2 days in JH head to Sun Valley, 4 easy hours away, do that 1-2 days, and head back down to SLC via 4 hours highway. Oh, Grand Targhee is on the way +/- to Sun Valley.

BTW, we just spent 15 FANTASTIC days in SLC, skiied all but Brighton and Solitude. Going back REAL soon hopefully.
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