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Powder Mountain Questions

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Hi all.

We are headed to Park City for 4 days in March, and are thinking of heading out to Powder Mountain for a day. Can anyone answer some or all of the following questions? Thanks.

1. We won't have a rental car. What is the easiest/cheapest way to get from Park City to Powder Mountian for the day?

2. What really interests us in Powder Mountain is the backcountry area. Several questions about this: Should we be worried about avalanches? If so, should we bring avalanche trackers? Is there anything besides a map that we should bring with us if we head backcountry? How long do you have to typically wait for the shuttle to pick you up once you get to the road?

3. Is the extra effort of getting out there for the day worth it, or would we be better off just staying at Park City/The Canyons?

4. Any other advice/ideas?

Thanks in advance for any info.
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You will need to rent a car to get to Powder Mountain.I don't know of any regular transportation from Park City to Powder Mountain. By car it is about a 1 hour or more drive from Park City to Powder Mountain. You may want to think about stopping at Snowbasin on the way as you will pass right by it. You won't need avalanche gear, if you stay within The Mountain boundries. The Powder Mountain 'back country" Isn't an out of the gate type back counrty, It more of a not lift served area. They do Avalanche work in that area. but no grooming. You hike, skin or get a ride for $7.00 out on a ridge. Pay close attention to the boundrie signs. A skier went past the signs,got lost spent a cold night in the open and was heading into 1 million acres of wilderness before they located him. Ski down to the road and get picked up by a old school bus. The bus comes by about every 10 to 15 mins. Best time to hit Powder mountain is a a day after a storm. Most of the resorts will be skied out except for the spots the locals won't tell you about.
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To access powder country take the hiden lake lift to the top and skate across the road go down anwhere, as utah 49 says the bus comes along in about 10 0r 15 minutes. Or take the sundowner lift ski off to the left and hike up to the snowfield you see from the top of hidden lake, ski down to the road again. The snowcat is accessed from the top of the sundowner lift, ski to the right and the pickup area is pretty obvious. I have heard you can have some hassles with the heliskiing people if you hike to high up James peak, we never did but some locals aked us if we did. One of the real gems of powder mountain is to take the hidden lake lift to the top, ski off the left to the poma and skate/hike out to cobabe canyon. Not real steep but you will have untracked because everyone else is to lazy to hike. It is DEFINITELY worth renting a car and driving up from Park City.
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That sounds like a great idea. I'm looking for alternatives to the Whsitler trip that we are about to postpone and Utah is on the list if we can change our flights. Thanks! We may have to check it out.
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