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Crossfire vs Volkl 5*

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I am writing this post to get some advice on a couple of pair of skis I've been looking at. I'm a 5'11", 150lb expert skiier who loves to ski everything except the superpipe and rails. I mostly ski in the west - ie. Tahoe, Mammoth, etc... I am still skiing on 11 year old K2 SLC 195's and am looking to purchase new sticks. Optimally I would love to demo multiple skis and lengths but that gets extremely expensive fast so I am trying to gather info other ways. Again I am looking at the K2 Apache Crossfire and the Volkl 5* (I would look at the 6* but I am guessing my weight might not be enough to fully flex that ski). Any suggestions on ski type and size would be helpful. Thanks
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Welcome to Epic Skiterrain !
I grabbed a pair of Crossfires earlier this season. I'm 20 pounds heavier than you, 5'-8" and a very dynamic skier. I mostly ski in Colorado. I went with a 167 and could have gone longer. The ski performs very well in all conditions, but gets a bit squirly at top speed.
I bought this as my "play ski" so I won't be ripping along much on that---the RX9's have that job !

I love the Crossfires--Demo them in a 167 and 174 if you can.
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Thanks for the welcome to Epic and the feedback on the Crossfire. I'll am calling around shops today about demo's. I think I'll look at the 174.
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There have been some on e-bay at a pretty good price too lately if you decide to go with a pair---check that out too.

Have fun !
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