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Boots and Ankles

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I had a new boot fitted and took them out for a spin in advance of a trip to Utah. Boot is a Lange CRL90. I have a lower volume foot, normal width across toes (D) but thin at the heal. Buying shoes is an issue all the time. I don't have a pronounced arch which I was told keeps the volume low. The Lange felt snug at the store, but in a good way. I pronate and had Superfeet Greens put in. My ankles of course protrude a little more because of the pronating. I wouldn't say after skiing that they hurt my feet, but I woudn't call them super comfy either. Toe box is not an issue. No bruises, slight red mark at the ankle after removing the boot. Looking down at my ankle, the the inside top of the ankle bone was slightly tender the next day. Not where the ankle truly protudes but sorta where it meets the shin. I could put the boots on and ski again the next day were it in the plans. Walking seemd to bother it more, as did riding the lift than when I was actually skiing.

Am I screwed and stuck with a boot that isn't perfectly comfortable?
Is there a chance that after the liner continues to form to my foot that it won't create that mild hot spot.
With the liner out, you can see the tendency to pronate move the ankle closer to the shell, but it doesn't touch it. I would imagine with the liner in, some of the shell is being transmitted to that spot through the liner.

I have med weight smartwool socks. Is there a chance a thinner sock would help? My thinking is if I create a tad more room, I could still keep a tight fit overall with buckle adjustments. I don't know how it will hold up to 4 straight days of skiing.

Comments, helpful or otherwise would be appreciated. Thanks.
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A good bootfitter can cure almost any problem. That said, I'd try a thinner sock and ski them a while to allow some "break in" time before I did anything. They'll get nothing but looser over time.
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I'll see how they are at then end of the trip and I will grab the thinner sock. Thanks.
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