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The title says it all.

Dreamin' about next season.

I've seen lots of reviews saying that people ski their explosivs 90 percent of the time and then switch to another fatty like the gotama the other 10 percent on pow days.

Isn't the Explosiv a powder ski? (primarily or secondarily) Or is the ski so stiff the shovel dives too much?

Do you use your explosiv as a powder ski primarily or an all around ski?

I just want to know because I have a chance to buy both skis, (gotama 183 or explosiv 180) at a fairly reduced price on layaway. I don't think I'll wait for the mantra 06. I want this ski to be able to ski powder mostly and then the cut up stuff at the end of the powder day. Plus soft corn in the spring time. Mostly off-piste conditions in steeps, chutes, trees, and bowls. If I have to ski a mogul with em they'll be soft snow moguls.

I know the gotama is the most amazing powder ski. But how will it perform overall offpiste? I am leaning towards it because of the softer flex and overall more nimbleness. But what will I sacrifice?

I am not looking for an all mountain ski. I am looking for the ski to take me on those epic days. I still have a great pair of k2 mod x pros with less than 30 days on them. They rock on the groomed, cut up crud, bumps, trees, and less than 15 inches of powder. But I need a bit more for deeper days which we get up here in oregon and washington on a GOOD DAY!

This ski will have the new naxo at binding and skins for touring.

5' 5" 170 lbs. Big ski legs.

Any advice would be appreciated.