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Definitions, please?

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Hey all, a little help with some definitions, if'n y'all don't mind.

Percent grade. When someone refers to a slope being, say 30%, just how is that measured?

Grade degree. If a slope is described as 32 degrees, is that measured as 32 degrees from the horizontal or from the vertical?

Avalanche and backcountry stuff. I've perused a site I found called wildsnow.com (I believe); but, can someone quickly describe the typical avalance tools, their capabilities and how they are used? I am particularly curious about the shovel (Ok, that's sorta' obvious), the probe and the beacon (and its variants).

Thanks so much in advance for your definitions and insights!

- HT
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This has been discussed before. Check this thread.


Percent slope is x feet of rise or drop per hundred feet. Thus 30% = 30 feet of drop in 100 feet. Or 30 meters of drop in 100 meters, etc.

Slope using degrees measures from the horizontal.

30% = 16.7 degrees
50% = 26.6 degrees
100% = 45 degrees
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