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Z Bend Poles

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Anyone out there have any thoughts on Smith Z-Bend Poles? I have a chance to buy a pair of Carbon Z-Bends at a good price. I have heard some good things, but I am wondering if you have any experience.


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Apparently this is the last year Smith is making the poles (someone on Powder's board mentioned this). Some say they give you a better angle for pole plants, not sure, they do look good though [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Now that would explain why they're missing on the Smith web site. Found a local store with the Competition Z Bends (not the Carbon - wasn't interested). Bought a pair, and a pair of straight ones since I happened to be in the market... See thread on Crash Etiquette.
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I have the competition z bends. I love them. I've thrown them around pretty hard, slammed them on the groomers, pounded them on a few moguls, thrown them off some cliffs and dragged them in the powder. I've never had a shocking, arm wrenching pole plant. You know the one's I mean? I haven't had a single problem with these poles. I absolutely love them.
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Is the price worth it for these poles? I saw them for 40 locally but regular poles are only like 20 or less. At double the cost and being relatively new to skiing, would it be worth the investment? I sorta want some cuz they look cool but I dont know if i want to spend that much since i just bought some new skis n all..
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I would, I broke two pairs of poles, and made another pair look like z-bends before I got mine. And they won't bend for anything. I absolutely love them. $40 isn't bad at all.
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I've been planting these for a couple of years. They work fine, make good conversation starters in the lines.
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Anyone know anybody who is selling the Smith Z Bend poles?

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They were discountinued a while ago.  PM me is you are interested in a pair of used 130cm composite Z-bends in good condition.  

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Anyone know anybody who is selling the Smith Z Bend poles?


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