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Ski Make:Rossignol
Ski Model:9S WC
Ski Length:165
Snow Conditions Used In: softpack, hardpack
Number of Days Used:1
Your Ability:racer/coach
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:14
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:50ish
Other Skis You Like:2004 Rossi 9S WC
Your Height/Weight:5'8" / 165 lbs.


Some notes...The ski I tried was the world cup stock model, i.e. not the one you can buy. These belong to the coach of the regional team in my area, who decided it would be smart to ski down a set of stairs. The result was some bending of the skis. As well, the edges were round.

These have to be the sickest slalom skis I have ever tried. The skis I currently own are Rossignol's issue from the previous season. I love my skis, but these improve on mine in every respect.

The first thing I noticed was how much they crossed the hill. The tail was widened from 98 to 104 this year, which makes a real difference in the way the ski holds onto the arc. However, because these skis are not that stiff, edge switches remain easy, in spite of the grotesquely huge tail. As well, it seems that in a course, line changes would not be difficult. This ski is by no means locked in any single turn shape.

Similar to last year, the 9S' have a damp, smooth feeling. However, this years' pack a ton more power and stability than my '04s. They are extremely solid underfoot and are quiet at speed.

There is no telling how the skis I tried compare to those available to consumers, but what I have been told is that the feeling is similar, but the consumer ones are slightly lighter, made for less heavy skiers.

These skis, with sharp edges, before having being skied down a flight of stairs, would be a dream come true because, as I tried them, they were pretty close to the perfect slalom ski.