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Ski boots and sore foot arches

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Just this year, the arches of my feet have been killing me after a half day of skiing. I first noticed it this summer with a new pair of roller blades (it hurt so bad that i never tried them again), and now with the ski boots - the ski boots are custom fitted to me, 3 years old, but I only ski on them perhaps 5x/year, so they're not that heavily used. What's the scoop here? Do i look into inserts or ski arch supports? Is there such a beast?

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my super high & long arch learnings

People w/ high arch are not norm so most insole & bootfit dont get issues we face.

#1 soln - pay for cork insole so foot totally supported - I ahd good luck w $150 superfeet custom baked and molded unweighted to arch & heal and weighted for toe - totally stabalize and support foot

#2 gotta have soln if still feeling too much pressure- grind down the bottom of foot plate so damm low arch top of boot doesn't smash you down - couple mm did trick - removable platic plate that the liner sits on

background - high arch people as rule are super stiff and flattening hurts like hell. When walking barefoot my arch are floating above ground nearly half inch and feet get tired really fast as then stretch below that height. Flat footed people stretch too much and need arch support to have best posture/ballance

Your description sounds dead on to my experience in ski boot and roller blades. Best to do #1&2 in new boot as foot moves a lot and you dont want to pack out liner just to move foot to new position
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It sounds as if the ski boots and inline skates do not have enough volume
in the instep area to fit your feet correctly. I would not go with the footbed
route at this point, unless you will be installing one that is thinner than the one that is in the boot or skate already. If you have a footbed fabricated, I would not necessarily go with a cork model as it does not offer the shock absorption that your foot probably needs. Make sure it is made with a good shock absorbing material (ie.. EVA foam). Next, make sure that the liners have enough volume at the instep area for your feet. If they don't, have them altered by a competant bootfitter. Also, if needed, have the bootboards lowered to allow for more room on the instep area. Last but not least, have the instep buckles moved to a more favorable position. As a note, there are more things that can be done to help, but time does not allow to go into detail. Any questions, email me.
Billy Kaplan
Performance Pedorthics
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my $.01 of non-professional diatribe,
It sounds like you haven't skied in the liners long enough to pack them out, and you're doing the "digging in with the tigerclawing toes" thing...well, I admit, I may be wayyyy off, and the previous advice can be right on the mark! .....but it DEFINITELY does sound like you haven't done very much energetic skiing in them for the liners to pack out...and attain their true fit with your feet.

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