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X Game Slopestyle on ESPN

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Tanner Hall is leading slopestyle( I guess in his head, he has lapped the field). He is in Kryptons (no affiliation (with him, not the boot)).

The women skierX is getting very aggressive.

Seeing some of the 06 gear...U-G-L-Y. Salomon..Dynastar, Armada, I have yet to see a stick that says. "Wow, thats sharp"

Any comments from other viewers?
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And he loses. Seems he isnt the best. Maybe this will put his ego into check.
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Did anyone see that fall by Casey Puckett? That will leave a mark.
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yeah that fall was pretty nasty, his head is gonna hurt big time.
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Seems that Charles Garnier has beat Tanner again. Isn't that great? Corey Vanular did pretty good. He grew up skiing Holiday Valley, well, he hasn't quite grown up yet.
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I watched the videos on the expn site. Honestly, I think Jon Olsson should have gotten second. He landed everything oh-so-matter-of-factly... His only bumble was off the top rail.

Charles Gagnier
Tanner Hall
Jon Olsson
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