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'04-'05 Elan M666 Fusion

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'04-'05 Elan M666 Fusion (116-76-102), size skied 176cm.

Elan's description:

Target: All-Mountain Expert / Freeride

Sizes/Geometry: 160, 168, 176, 184 at 116/76/102

Construction: Square Sidewall, Wood Core, Titanium, Fusion

Skier Data:

44yo Male, 5'10", 160 lbs, Level 8 skier. Prefer crud, pow, steeps, trees. Typically I spend at least 25% of my ski day working drills on green & blue groomers. I bought these skis to be my "every day" ski for all conditions but deep new pow or huge mountain skiing, where I use 180cm Fischer Big Stix 8.6 ('03-'04 model).

Conditions skied: (1) 12-24" new for first half of day, 6-12" crud for remainder of day, at Lost Trail (Sula, MT) on 13 Jan 2005.

(2) hardpack and thinly groomed snow, at Big Sky on 23 Jan 2005.

After reading Peter Keelty's rave reviews for this ski, I started searching for a pair at discount and finally found some and bought them. Before I skied them I saw ssh's "unimpressed" review on their hard snow performance, and I was concerned that they would be too little ski for me.

When I skied them the first time (1) they amazed me more than any ski I've ever been on. They are positively unflappable in crud, despite the constantly changing nature of runs that are starting to become tracked up and the consistency shifts from light pow to slightly tracked up crud to thoroughly chopped up mashed potato-resembling crud. I skied them at moderate and slightly fast speeds through such conditions (20-40mph) and found them very dependable. They are very responsive and can vary turn size and shape with subtle changes in pressure and angle, even when conditions are constantly changing. They provide excellent feel for the snow and rebound nicely in soft pow as well as heavier crud. They are the most fun powder and crud ski I've ever been on for speeds up to 40 mph. Don't know yet how they'll be on huge mountains, but I typically use bigger skis there.

When I skied them on hardpack (2) they were less impressive. Their softer flex seems more designed for the cutup and pow and delivers a softer rebound on harder snow. However, they were utterly unflappable and very stable on hard snow, carving effortlessly and never whimpering.

These skis are outstanding for a lighter, more finesse oriented skier (my size and skiing style) in any condition. They shine in crud and pow and would be an outstanding all mountain ski anywhere the snow usually is softer.

On harder snow mountains, they are still quite nice, but a bit more quiet -- think Rossi Bandit XX or XXX in feel. For folks who like less prominent (read: more controllable) rebound from the ski tail, but still want stable and fast performance, they would be excellent.

I give them 5/5 for soft snow performance, 4/5 for hard snow performance, 5/5 for snow feel, and 5/5 for value
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Cool review! Thanks for the frankness on the hard-snow issue ...
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yer welk'm

remember the reason for the downgrade on hard snow is a SUBJECTIVE one. the rebound they possess is equal to many fine skis. it's a matter of how much rebound you prefer and/or can handle. the most important thing to me was the more pronounced difference in rebound on harder snow... but to be fully honest, I need another day on them on hard-ish snow to really know. the Sunday I skied them at Big Sky, I dinged the bases pretty hard and started skiing with "soft edges" and thus didn't really get a strong chance to fully test the ski's rebound. frankly, I might have been standing poorly on the skis -- and, I haven't skied them since Bud Heishman balanced my boots.
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How do you have them tuned, Gonz?
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Steve, they're box stock right now.

I'm taking them in for a base repair and grind though, and I am going to use 0.7 base, 2.0 side.
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I think it likely that the pair I took out needed edge work. I didn't check them, though (I should have done). They washed out pretty consistently on anything that wasn't soft.
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sounds correct. definitely mine had NO problem with edgehold. none.
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I love my pair. I found them to be great in any conditions and didn't even feel anything bad on hard pack. What a great ski...
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I demoed these a couple of days after East Coast blizzard. GREAT crud skis!
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