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Snowbasin conditions

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Anybody Skied Snowbasin in the last few days? Is it springlike as it here in Idaho? I was going to go down on Monday for demo days but wonder if it's worth it,Let's all pray we can get back to winter again before winter is gone.
Thank's Steve :
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Don't know about Snowbasin, but it never got slushy (well maybe a few south facing runs did) at the Park City resorts. We've had good firm snow the last few weeks, and its been snowing the last few days. Not spring like at all right now.


Edit: one caveat is that the snow level has been high this year and Snowbasin has a lower base than the PC resorts.
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Thanks for the peport Steve
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www.skiutah.com has the daily condtions on all Utah Resorts.
I skied Targhee last Saturday, i see where your coming from with spring like condtions.
Warm freeze cycle, Idaho and Wyoming need some big snow to fall.
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the conditions have been good the past few days. There are still some nice stashes to be found here and there. It is supposed to stay cool enough that the snow should be preserved for a few more days. If you are willing to make a couple of short 5 minute hikes you could be well rewarded.
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thank's ,sounds like the tram traverse or the strawberry traverse to the sisters ought to be happening then
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Sounds like you know your way around.
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www.skiutah.com for the snow report for all of utah
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Conditions are great. John Paul is skied out as well as Sisters and any other expert area but the resort has plenty of snow and the Downhill runs are immaculate.

Come and enjoy.
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We skied Snowbasin 30 Jan and it was great. the most underated mountain in the country, but please don't tell anyone
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