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utah lift pass questions

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Hi guys
I am planning a trip to Utah and am looking for some advice on booking lift passes.We are planning to spend 4 days in Alta then 9 days in Park City-using it as a base to ski different resorts.
What is the best/cheapest way for us to buy liftpasses-online before we go?on a daily basis at each resort?an all area pass?
Thanks in advance.
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Canyons Sports has good deals on lift tix. for all Utah areas. Go to www.thecanyons.com Follow the links.
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At DV if your planning to ski there, you can buy the next day's passes starting at 3pm the day before. This is recommened, since they do limit ticket sales to 6,000 a day.
Alos Utah Ski And Golf

Enjoy uour trip out there.
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I've bought discounted lift tickets from Ski'n see rental shops. You save 10-40%

They don't sell them at the Pak City locations though. So buy them at one of the Salt lake Valley locations. There are several.

Also Ski Utah may have something that might work for you.


Good Luck!
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Try Ski Trucks at www.skitrucks.com. The are on West North Temple about 12 blocks from downtown (south end of the fairgrounds), and also sell discounted tix online should you wish to purchase in advance.

If you are not going to rent a car you may also want to check into the superpass at http://www.visitsaltlake.com/ski/superpass.shtml. Most hotels sell it but the price varies from $ 41-45 a day for Cottonwood canyon resorts (Alta, Snowbird, Solitude & Brighton). It does include bus/train fare so it can be a deal if you don't have other transportation.
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check Costco on line for discounted lift tickets they have the canyons 2 for $90.00 also Snowbird passes. also look into the quick start program for 1 st day skiing in any of the Park city area mountains is free. Check the web for details.
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