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Head iXRC 1100 SW

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OK, the name is a bit of a mouthful, but these are, for me at least, the most amazing skis.
I ordered them from Dawgcatcher, who delivered them to Gonzo. I told Dawg my boot size & model, and he had the bindings set up perfectly.
These skis rock.
They are wonderful.
And Dawg did a great deal for me on them.

If you want someone else's opinion on how I performed on them, ask Nolo.
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Glad you enjoy them, I know I love my 1100 Chips! Enjoy and spread the good news.
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To complete the whole 1100 serie , I'm really happy with my non chip , non SW version. So enjoy and Finndog, thanks again for your help with choosing these. Allready spent 20 days on them and getting better and faster all the time. )
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While we are on the subject, I tried a pair of 156cm iXRC 1100 SW and loved them. I weigh 170lbs and wanted to try some iSL's but a shop owner recommended the short 1100's because he thinks they are more versatile and that is his favorite ski and length. They were solid at speed, had outstanding grip on real hard snow and I could make any turn shape I wanted. They had tons of rebound while charging down the fall line and were perfectly docile while carving slow round speed controlling turns on hard snow. I loved them but I will still try other skis before I decide what to buy. I am a little hesitant to buy them because 156 is the smallest Head makes of that model and I am afraid I would bend them to an early death.

I told a friend about them and he tried them and he loved them too. He is about my size and has an extensive racing background. He grew up with Spider Sabitch and went to the same race camps etc.

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