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Extreme Ski Vids.

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hey everyone, i had loads of fun taking these so enjoy. all video clips are labled, but be sure to check out the major ones listed below of me ski'n here in Wisconsin.

All clips are located at : http://outfit.nuclearfallout.net/files/CortekStunts/

Enjoy People, for everyones entertainment.
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are you promoting a new type of lumbering technique???
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Rofl that was the sweetest thing iv ever heard, prolly just need to spin faster =P
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Amusing? Yes.
Stupid and dangerous? Yes.

Any unskilled moron can huck his airhead self off a cliff onto a tree.
I'm underwhelmed.
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Inovative air piece. Practicing tree landings is important. But, safety first - wear a life vest!
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someones a critic. dangerous? not really when i know what im doing, iv ski'd all over the U.S., iv been to whistler, brek. and lake T., id rather be an "unskilled moron" along w/ the many others, than someone who play's on the bunny hills all day =P ...dont forget to snow plow!, lol i noticed you had a warren miller quote, all of his films involve what i just did lol, horrible!
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Originally Posted by Bonni
Amusing? Yes.
Stupid and dangerous? Yes.

Any unskilled moron can huck his airhead self off a cliff onto a tree.
I'm underwhelmed.
Yes, that's true but only a skilled professional can make it look good and survive to tell about it.
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A good friend of mine staged a jump where he aired into the top of a pine tree and it flung him back. He won 10 grand and a trip to disney world on Americas Funniest Home Videos as a result. This was like 15 years ago. That guy was the craziest person I ever new, wether on skis or doing anything. I saw him do a single flip of off a 120 foot cliff into water. Think about how slow that rotation has to be and the consequences of messing up......

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Yeah. Ok. It just looked friggin stupid to me. Whatever, DUDES.
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People people. Have we all gotten so crusty and upity that we can't appreciate some people just having fun and wanting to share it with us?

is most of the video just dumb shenanigans, sure it is but ask yourself this.

Did you not do, or still do, a bunch of stupid pointless stuff to amuse yourself at your local hill, on that boring run that you have skied 1 million times?

I know I sure did my share of dumb bordering on outright dangerous stuff at my local ant hill for no other reason than why not. All of those stupid things I did made me a far better skier.

That being said, and as a Ski Patroller, it is the stupid things that get people hurt. Just be carefull and think all of those dumb things through before you do them, and don't forget to think about what YOUR actions may do to others that are not CHOOSING to do stupid things.

good vids, funny and brings back memories of one skiing, jumping into trees etc...

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Yeah Yeah

Exactly, the vid's are just here for everyones amusement, not to critic on. i have fun doing what i do, and thats all that matters to me. it most of the time makes others happy and amused too which always is a good thing, just be sure of what your doing. :
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Any tips on skiing one footed like you were in the last video, I find I have a hard time starting turns to the little toe edge when I am standing on that foot.

That's Alpine Valley right?
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Just keep having fun. Thats what skiing is all about. Hell, as long as you're not putting anyone else at risk do whatever stunts you want to.
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Yeah..thats was taken at Apine Valley last tuesday..ill be going there tomarrow as well to do some more 1 footy's and jumps lol. Balance is the key thing w/ going 1 foot..you hafta find your dominant foot. mines left for some reason which is really wierd cuz my dad does it too..and he uses his right foot. keep in mind that practice makes perfect. One thing that i did was use one ski and do a speed run strait down the hill a few times..gradually putting some edge in it untill you get what i can do today. its lots of fun and a change of style. i had/have people from the chair lifts cheering along w/ a girl thinking i was actually missing a leg until she came up to me lol, and yes i got her number =P.
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