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Both binding are 2003 vintage and have been skied about 20 days each.

FS: Marker M9.2 and Tyrolia SL 100 bindings

Marker M9.2 bindings - DIN 4- 12 - $ 60

comes with demo plate but can be mounted without the demo plate

This Binding is a great choice for any Intermediate to Advanced Skier. The M9.2 Titanium combines cutting edge safety features and Titanium to make a lightweight performance binding. Marker's EC 14 lightweight Interface Lifter provides skiers with increased leverage and power to the skis' edge. This interface channels the skier's energy to the edge of the ski with less effort and fatigue. Carved turns are cleaner and crisper. These Energy Control lifters provide optimum stand height for skiers of all levels. The bi-material composition of the Energy Control lifters deliver efficient pin-point energy to the edges - exactly where the skier needs it most.

Tyrolia SL 100 - DIN 3 - 10 - $ 40

Description of Tyrolia SL 100 ABS Alpine Ski Binding :

The Head Tyrolia SL 100 ABS alpine ski binding provides superior protection at an incredible price. The SL 100 features Tyrolia’s Anti-Blocking System, which allows the boot to release laterally from the toe without friction. This means less torque is encountered when releasing, helping to keep your knees safe. The TRP toe release system keeps your boot centered, and absorbs impacts for smoother releases. The 21mm rise is perfect for beginners to advanced intermediate skiers.