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boy there's alot of this "go big" attitude going around...

the K2 skis longer then the other brands, if you check em out, i bet the 188 k2's contact is as long as the 194 dynastar. I also owned the 181 chief and it was a pretty good ski. i didn't like the tip shape too much and for a pretty good skier like me, the 181 was too long. i have the Coomba this year in a 174 and have 2 days on it, mostly hard snow. i like the new tip the doug (god rest his soul) tweaked from the chief and the length is good. the contact length is the same as other companies 178's or so.

by the way, I believe Shane McConkey was skiing the 181 chief as his day to day ski for awhile the last couple years.

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I don't know how it came up, but this thread was running in January 2005 during a huge snow year in the Sierra. At that time I was deciding between the 181 Chief and the 184 Mantra. In 2005, the Chief was considered a wide ski.
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I'm back on the 181 chief as my everyday ski, I still like it a lot. I'd like something fatter and longer on the big days but I think this ski can handle it all.
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anyone try mounting these up AT? tele? looks like a cool ski...
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good ski

good if price is right
i just mounted with G3 binders
good in pow and soft - not so on hardpack but better radius than I expected
two 20+ inch days and the only complaint is that they are a little soft
but I got used to that quickly
still prefer my old bandit XXX 180's
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I have skied my chiefs 2 days. One one powder and crud at SAT. They are great. On hard stuff they get on edge well and ride like a truck, bounce a bit. Well maybe not bounce but feel like the shocks are gone, compared to my snoops and legends.
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Finally got to ski my 174cm Chiefs last week after the big dumps here in
Tahoe. I'm 5'7" and 180lbs. At slow to medium speeds the skis were
great. At higher speeds the tip seemed a little too soft and would hook
if my weight got forward. As I'm old school this is somewhat of a problem.
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