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Volkl 5* questions

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I have now been skiing for 42 years and feel pretty secure about saying I am an expert skier. However, I only get to ski about 10 days a year at max. Although 60 year's old I am still quite athletic (ran a marathon a few weeks ago in AZ) and ski aggressively with others who are around my age and have similar if not longer years of skiing experience.

Now to the question: Last year I demo'd 168 5* Supersports and fell in love. The shortest ski I had ever skiied in my life. I'm 5'10" 175lbs.

I just came back from a week in Vail now disillusioned by the same ski. The shop only had last year's skis and on my first and 2nd day I found them to seem broken down as far as holding an edge on very hard snow. I gave up on them and skiied the Dynastar 8000 the rest of the time. These skis carved and held an edge much better, were almost as good in the bumps but did not compare to last year's experience on the Volkls. I would like to buy new 5*'s but now am gun shy because I am afraid they won't hold up. BTW, the shop in Vail is not a high use/turnover place so they certainly don't get skiied every day. Is it because some 200+ pound person beat the life out of them? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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The 5***** are not easy to properly tune. You probably reveived a pair with a bad tune. The 5s rock (but not as much as the 6s). For some reason, the 6s their tune better. Volkls don't break down...they only bend. However, they will perform poorly, if poorly cared for.
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Thanks Canyons. Makes good sense. Can you contrast the 5* and 6* for me? The only skis that I currently own are "fatboys" which I use exclusively for powder skiing and also enjoy a lot in the crud. These additional ones would be for non-powder/crud days and for bumps.
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RIght now, I ski Ax 4s (almost every ski day) and 6***** when it hasn't snowed for a week or two (like the middle two weeks in January).
The 6****** is a fun carving type ski with a radical sidecut. It is stiff, and fast. It is only for the front side of the mountain. (Boot high pow is its limit). Very stable. It prefers GS and midsize turns. This ski is not foregiving. If you don't stay on top of it, you will end up on you butt.
My wife (who rips) skis the AX 4 and the 5*****. She loves how smooth this ski is. Turns on a dime. A bit softer than the 6 (only a bit)...a bit more foregiving. This is an all day ski. You can ski it hard, or just have fun with it after a full day. It is a gentle lion.
The 6 is just a beast!
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Given my limited # of ski days the 5* sounds like a better choice. Thanks again!
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