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ESA pictures

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I have 144 pictures (without "biglines" logo) that I can send to those of you interested. Either those you are in to an email or the full set on Cd. to a mailing address. Tom, Bryne, Adriana/Nando or anyone else; let me know.
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Just beautiful, cloudpeak! Jonesin.....
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Great pictures...thanks
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All the pics are wonderful. So--is Cloudpeak the latest name in the Spindrift/Son of Spindrift/Cloudpeak family? If so, congrats on getting your feet wet, in a manner of speaking.

Ray, I'd love to have a CD with the pics. I'll PM you.
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My pics...

Not many, but loads of memories

A bonus point will be awarded to the first person (apart from Gonzo) who can tell me what film he was watching when I took the ski pics.
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Smokey and the Bandit.
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Or one of the two sequels in which The Great One reprised his fine dramatic turn as Sheriff Buford T. Justice...
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thanks for sharing the pics fox. Love the last run down tippy!
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Wow, great stuff!!!! Looks like a great time.
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The view down Tippy's was something I liked from the first day - you could see the hotel, and the empty slopes
Wish I was still there!

Thanks, AC.

JStraw, you win the prize, which is a Fox size measure of whatever I bring to ESA 4 - Snowbird 2006. (ask Eric, Bob, etc what my measures are like )
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